Harris Evilman is a character on the The Thundermans. He is the younger brother of Link Evilman and son of Supervillain Evil Man. Harris is portrayed by Casey Simpson.


Harris is a sweet young boy. He is very shy and afraid of people waving at him. Because of this, there is a list of "approved, safe hand gestures". He only turned evil because he was wearing a replica of his father's evil eye patch.


On Harris' birthday in "Patch Me If You Can," Phoebe asks Link to let her keep Harris occupied at the Thundermans house while Link is preparing for Harris surprise party. He shows Phoebe his fire power which turns out to be a tiny little candle light on his pinky which he calls, "fire pinky." Phoebe tries to bond with Harris but he turns out to be very shy. When Harris discovers Max's Lair, Phoebe lies to him that the lair belongs to her and lets him hang out there.

While in the lair, Harris finds an eye patch that Max and Dr. Colosso were working on in an attempt to create a replica of Evilman's eye patch. He puts on the eye patch without knowing its powers. The eye patch turns him evil and amplifies his fire power so that he can now throw fireballs. He starts attacking Phoebe and Max with fire, destroying a lot of things in the basement and in the living room. He gets angrier when the twins accidentally spoil his surprise birthday party. The twins use Chloe to teleport them to the party to warn everyone about Harris but Harris steals a scooter to follow them.

At the laser-themed party, Max and Phoebe try to take Harris down using laser guns but it doesn't work. Harris is defeated by Nora Thunderman using one of her trick shots. Nora knocks down the evil eye patch with her lasers, saving Harris. Phoebe is worried that Harris will tell Link what happened but instead Harris tells Link that he had the most fun.


Fire Pinky: Harris can generate a small candle sized flame on his little finger and calls it his Fire Pinky.

Temporary Powers

Fireball: He can generate fireballs from his hands and throw them. He only had this power while wearing the Evillinium eyepatch.