Hank and Mike is the friendship / nemesis pairing between Hank Thunderman and Mike Evilman used to be arch-nemeses back in Metroburg when Hank was a superhero while Evilman was a supervillain. However, they both retired and moved to Hiddenville.


Back in Metroburg, whilst Hank was Thunder Man, he's battled Mike, Evil Man, several times. None of them could beat the other and it led to cities being destroyed because of their battles. Luckily, Hank and Mike retired and surprisingly moved to Hiddenville.

Hank and Mike Moments

Season 2

Meet the Evilmans

  • When they first met each other in Hiddenville, Hank recognized him from Evilman's Mattress Store.
  • Phoebe and Link try to keep their fathers as far as possible.
  • When they found out they were dating, Hank and Mike both forbid their kids Phoebe and Link from dating each other because of their feud.
  • At Splatburger, Hank and Mike have a food fight.
  • Hank and Mike make up after Phoebe and Link's confrontation.

Season 3

Evil Never Sleeps

  • Since they weren't enemies anymore, Hank chills out at Evilman's Mattress Store.
  • When Hank stays on one of the couches, Mike becomes irritated and wanted him to leave.



  • They both have the same powers and abilities.
  • They both like lying on the couch all day.


  • Mike was a supervillain; Hank was a superhero.
  • Mike has a job at Evilman's Mattress Store; Hank doesn't.


  • Mike was the only supervillain who Hank couldn't beat.