Hank and Mike is the friendship / nemesis pairing between Hank Thunderman and Mike Evilman used to be arch-nemeses back in Metroburg when Hank was a superhero while Evilman was a supervillain. However, they both retired and moved to Hiddenville.

Ship Names

  • Hike = (H/ank) and (M/ike)

Hank and Mike Moments

Season 2

Meet the Evilmans

  • It is revealed that Mike Evilman was Hank's greatest nemesis.
  • They both forbid their kids Phoebe and Link from dating each other because of their feud.
  • Hank and Mike make up after Phoebe and Link's confrontation.

Season 3

Evil Never Sleeps

  • Hank hangs out at Mike's job.
  • Mike doesn't want Hank to stay



  • They both have the same powers and abilities
  • They both like lying on the couch all day.


  • Mike was a supervillain; Hank was a superhero.
  • Mike has a job; Hank doesn't


  • Mike was the only supervillian who Hank couldn't beat.

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