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Thunder Man, Away!


Henry "Hank" Thunderman is a main character in The Thundermans. He used to be a superhero called "Thunder Man" back in Metroburg but he retired and moved to Hiddenville with his family to live a normal family. Hank is portrayed by Chris Tallman.

Hank is the father of Thunder Twins (Max and Phoebe Thunderman) as well as their younger siblings Billy, Nora and Chloe. He is married to the retired superhero "Electress" Barb Thunderman.


Hank was born in Metroburg and later became the famous superhero known as "Thunder Man." He dated and married Barbara McBooger.

As a superhero, Hank stopped some of the worst supervillains including Green Ghoul and Dr. Colosso. However, Hank could never stop Evilman, who also had Super Strength and Flight super powers, just like Hank. Hank's sidekick was shot into space by the supervillain Dark Mayhem as revealed in Thundermans: Secret Revealed.

After a successful career as a superhero, Hank (and Barb) retired from being a superhero and moved the family to Hiddenville in order to live a normal life as they bring up their kids. Howeverm, he never fully left the superhero life behind. He uses every chance he's got to use his super powers, especially his flight. He often flies through the ceiling using his catch phrase "Thunder Man, Away!!!" He still helps the Hero League when they need him. For example, in Haunted Thundermans, the Hero League asked him to come out of retirement and stop the Green Ghoul.

Hank never got a job in Hiddenville and therefore spends most of his time in the house. In Breaking Dad, he became Phoebe and Max's substitute teacher at Hiddenville High but couldn't continue because he didn't have a teaching license.

Hank has been helping Phoebe in superhero training. Phoebe chose him to be her official mentor in No Country for Old Mentors.

In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Hank's powers were taken away by Max when Max was working with Dark Mayhem. After Max restord their powers, Hank got Barb's Electrokinesis.


Hank is unwillingly retired and uses any opportunity he gets to use his powers, even if that's just flying to get his favorite sauce from another country. He tends to brag a lot, especially when telling his superhero stories. Like the rest of the Thundermans, he is very competitive and isn't afraid to compete against his kids as seen in multiple episodes.


Barb Thunderman

Barb Thunderman is the wife of Hank Thunderman. They are passionate towards each other.

Phoebe Thunderman

Phoebe and Hank Training

Hank is Phoebe's dad. In No Country for Old Mentors, Phoebe wasn't happy when she chose Hank as her mentor, but then she realises she is lucky to have him.

Max Thunderman


Hank wants Max to become a superhero. Max was jealous that Hank was hanging out with Phoebe.

Billy Thunderman

Billy and Hank Trapped Themselves

Billy is Hank's youngest son they are some what similar and get along very well.

Nora Thunderman

Hank is afraid of Nora and Nora keeps on playing cute so she can get whatever she wants.

Chloe Thunderman

Chloe and Hank have been seen eating food too much like in Aunt Misbehavin'.


Mike Evilman

Mike and Hank

Mike and Hank were former friends and were arch enemys. It is shown that in Evil Never Sleeps, that on Mike's side he's possible friends with Hank.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength: Hank has the power to lift and carry heavy objects and can bend solid metal and smash a cement block as if it were nothing. According to Barb, he has problems controlling it when he is emotional.
  • Flight: He is able to fly faster than sound. The exact limit is unknown, although he can make it to Peru and back in a matter of minutes. However, he has to say "Thunder Man, away!" before taking off into the air, but he is seen flying out of the house through the ceiling and always makes a big hole in the ceiling and the roof, which causes some plaster to fall.
  • Aerial Adaptation: Hank has the power to adapt to high altitude enviroments.
    • Atmospheric Adaptation: Hank can instantaneously adjust to any given atmospheric environment.
    • Interstellar Travel: Hank has the power to travel across interstellar distances.
  • Invulnerability: He can smash through thick objects, such as the roof to the house, without damaging his body or experiencing any pain. In the episode You've Got Fail, He mentioned being able to fly into the sun, but was still susceptible to poison ivy. Also in A Hero Is Born, when Barb was giving birth and released large amounts of lightning it was enough to knock him back, repeated knocks made him delirious. Showing he can be hurt with enough force.
  • Vacuum Adaptation: In You Stole My Thunder, Man, he brought home a rock with the American flag from the moon that Neil Armstrong and Dr. Buzz Aldrin placed on July 29th, 1969.
  • Danger Intuition: He has the ability to sense danger before it occurs. However it is not always specific enough to tell what the danger is. He told Phoebe that he got his Thundersense when he was 12 years old.
  • Meduimship: As a superhero, he has the power to see and hear ghosts. (Haunted Thundermans)


  • Thundertanium: In Blue Detective, he was unable to burst through the ceiling when Max lined it with thundertanium. A metal that he cannot seem to break.
  • Poison ivy: Despite his invulnerability, he can still get a rash from poison ivy.
  • Electrokinesis: Even though he is invulnerable, his body can not stand large amounts of electricity as shown in Mall Time Crooks.
  • Achilles Comet: Like all superheroes, the Achilles Comet makes his powers go out of control.
  • Flamingo Flu: Flamingo Flu is a flu that can turn him into a flamingo. Although he is invulnerable he still has to take a super-bug.


  • He and Barb caught tumble fever when they went undercover to catch someone at the circus. (Dog Day After-School)
    • They also caught a real fever, because clowns don't wash their hands.
    • They call themselves The Tumblemen.
  • He and Barb Thunderman decided to give up crime fighting so that their children could have a normal childhood.
  • His name was originally going to be called Tom.
  • Hank loves to eat a lot of food, including, ice cream and a giant meatball.
  • He thinks castles are fun.
  • He turned his strong arch-nemesis into a rabbit.
  • He hates glitter more than anything because it reminds him about another of his enemies, Glitter Man.
  • He is the boss of the Thundervan.
  • He got his Thundersense when he was 12.
  • As revealed in Danger & Thunder, Hank knew Ray Manchester (also known as the Superhero "Captain Man"). However, their actual relationships never revealed, But they probably had a good relationship because Ray knew Phoebe's secret identity. 
  • He banned "Non-Supers" from the house, until the end of the episode Dinner Party.
  • He had his own musical called "Thunderpants: The Musical", which payed for their home in Hiddenville.
  • It is shown that he can be over protective when Link was about to take Phoebe on a date with his car.
  • He adores fairies even though he hates glitter, due to Glitter man.
  • He wants a cat.
  • His old rival and former archenemy is Evilman.
  • Every time Hank hears Evilman's maniacal and high pitched laugh, Hank gets real mad.
  • It's revealed in the episode "Meet The Evilmans" that the reason Hank hates Evilman is because, like Doctor Colosso said, Evilman was the one and only supervillain Hank couldn't defeat in his superhero days and every battle ended in a tie and a city being destroyed while Max thinks it's because Hank is jealous of Evilman's maniacal and high pitched laugh, and even though Hank hates it, Max thinks it's awesome.
  • Hank used to have light brown hair.


Here is the full image gallery for Hank Thunderman. It may be viewed here.

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