Green Teens is an environmental activists club in Hiddenville High School on The Thundermans. The club aims to raise environment awareness within the school. Green Teens is led by Molly.


Floral Support

The Green Teens build a plant protection zone around an endangered stink plant to protect it during its blooming period. However, when Principal Bradford realizes that this is distracting his way to the office, he has a confrontation with Allison and becomes determined to cut the tree down.

Phoebe and Cherry are impressed by the work done by the Green Teens and agree to join the club to help protect the plant from Principal Bradford. They try to get Max to join but he refuses. However, he joins later on after realizing that the only way to sneak into Bradford's office and steal his chronicle back is by joining the Green Teens since they have access to all offices. He gives them an idea to have students sign a petition to prevent Bradford from cutting down the plant. Unfortunately, when Max uses the Green Teens Club privileges to steal his chronicle back, Principal Bradford bans the club and revokes their privileges. Phoebe gets mad at Max for ruining the club's mission.

With Green Teens no longer an official club, Allison gets the team to change their t-shirts to say Green Teenz (with a Z). The Green Teenz members tie themselves together infront of the tree to prevent Bradford from mowing it down with a truck. However, on realizing that Bradford isn't scared of hurting them, they move aside. Max then arrives to prove himself to Phoebe. He uses telekinesis to stop Bradford. He then unties the Green Teenz and together they watch as the plant blooms.

21 Dump Street

With Allison having moved, Molly becomes the new head of the Green Teens Club. Her first major event for the club is running a Pet Adoption Fair. So, she gives Phoebe, Cherry and other club members some flyers to distribute. Because of her similarities with Allison, Phoebe tries to hook Molly up with Max but when she comes over and sees Dr. Colosso, she takes him for the Green Teens' Pet Adoption fair.

Episode Appearances


  • The Green Teens club temporarily became Green TeenZ when Bradford banned them in Floral Support.


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