Green Ghoul is a one-time character in The Thundermans. He appeared in the first Halloween special, Haunted Thundermans.


Green Ghoul once attempted to take over the world. He almost sucseeded but was stopped by Hank. When in ghost jail, he was freed when Louie made a crack in the wall. He took control of Phoebe and almost killed Hank, but was foiled by Max. He battled the Thundermans and Hathaways and was defeated when Phoebe and Max combined their ice breaths.

Powers and Abilities

  • He has all the powers of Ghost so he has same powers as Louie, Miles, and Ray.
  • He has the power to possess people.
  • He also has telekinesis.

Episode Appearance

Season 2


  • He is a parody of the Marvel villain, Green Goblin.

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