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Gideon is a recurring character on the Thundermans. He is a member of Max's Band and also a friend of Max's. Gideon is portrayed by Kenny Ridwan.


Season 2

Gideon is one of the founders of Max's Band in Pheebs Will Rock You. When he comes over to the Thundermans house for practice, he instantly develops a crush on Barb, which Max finds disgusting. When Oyster leaves the band to be with Phoebe, Gideon pushes for Barb to become their new lead guitarist.

In The Neverfriending Story, Gideon and Oyster become friends with Phoebe's friends, which upsets both Max and Phoebe. When the new group of friends go to the movies, Gideon sits between Cherry and Kelsey and keeps hitting on both of them.

After Phoebe's disastrous epic fail video in You've Got Fail, Gideon becomes Phoebe's number one fan and keeps trying to get Phoebe to date him. Max even teases Phoebe about it. During the ballet performance, Gideon records Phoebe hoping for an epic fail. He says how much he loves the Black Swan, only to realize that it was actually Max and not Phoebe. At the end, he gives the video to Phoebe to upload the chirper. The video wins the contest.

In The Amazing Rat Race, Max's Band has to use rat race to make major decisions. Gideon's rat keeps winning, while Max's rat always loses. Phoebe and Max want Max's Band to perform at the school dance while Gideon wants to perform at his mom's gas station. When Angus sides with Gideon, it becomes a tie, forcing a rat race, which Max is assured of losing. So, Max and Phoebe turn Billy into a rat to help defeat Gideon's rat.

To find out who the Rebel Raptor is in Call of Lunch Duty, Phoebe calls all the people who might have the skills to do so, but Gideon is the only one who shows up. Gideon reveals that he thought this was a date with Phoebe. Max and Phoebe kick Gideon out of the house. He come back to ask the twins if their mom was home. Later on, when Phoebe gets punished to work on the lunch line, Gideon comes over and tells her, "I can't believe I used to go out with you."

In One Hit Thunder, Max introduces the new drummer for their band, Wolfgang - a German exchange student and asks Gideon to host him. When Max uses a sad piece from Phoebe's diary for their lyrics, Gideon and the rest of the band come to comfort Max. Gideon tells them that he knows how it feels because he was once burned by a girl - actually burned, with a curling iron.

Season 3

In Exit Stage Theft, Gideon is exposed as the "toilet cryer" after Cherry accidentally walks into the boys' bathroom. Max's team of bad girls plan on stealing Max's Band equipment but Gideon is still there. Max tells them that one of Gideon's weaknesses is girls. So, one of the bad girls takes advantage of that and tricks Gideon into leaving the stage. When Phoebe overhears her praising Gideon as sweet and hilarious, she suspects that something is up because Gideon is neither of those things. She goes into save the day.

Season 4

Date of Emergency

When Phoebe is desperate for a fake boyfriend so that she can triple date with Max and Allison and Cherry and Oyster, she decides to ask Gideon out because he's the only one desperate enough to go out with her. When they meet up at Farmer Ted's farm, Gideon turns out to be allergic to pretty much everything, making it miserable for Phoebe. They both end up getting captured by one of Farmer Ted's traps. Phoebe apologizes for using him but Gideon reveals that he didn't care about her either. He was only pretending to like Phoebe in an attempt to get closer to Phoebe's mom, Barb.

Ditch Perfect

Gideon's grandpa is seen in this episode cheering on Gideon and the rest of Max's Band.


Gideon has a soft heart and easily gives into emotions. He has obsessive crush on pretty much every girl he interacts with - including married women like Barb Thunderman.

Episode Appearances

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


  • He thinks Barb is hot and wanted her to join Max's band.
  • He is a member in Max's band.
  • He plays the guitar.
  • He is allergic to multiple things.


You may view Gideon's gallery here.

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