The Evilman Family is a family of former supervillains who, like the Thunderman Family, moved from Metroburg to live a normal suburban life in Hiddenville.


  • Mike Evilman – Mike was a former enemy of Hank, but no longer is. Mike is also Harris and Link's dad.
  • Link Evilman – Link aspires to be a superhero, despite his father being a former supervillain. He is seen to be kind and usually calm and was formerly Phoebe's boyfriend until he moved to Hong Kong to be a superhero, at the request of the Hero League. He currently still resides in Hong Kong.
  • Harris Evilman – Harris is Link's little brother and Mike's son. He is also good, he's not like his father. He turned evil temporarily when wearing a replica of his father's evil eye patch.


  • Quinn – Quinn is Link's childhood friend and threatened Phoebe multiple times in Why You Buggin'?, to take Phoebe down and become Link's girlfriend.

Family History

Mike Evilman was born and lived in Metroburg, with Super Strength and Flight as his superpowers. He turned evil when he started hanging out with Dark Mayhem. While he was a supervillain, Hank could not beat him and they destroy a lot of homes and cities when they fight. As such, he is one of Hank's biggest arch-nemesis.

Mike is now retired crime and the Villain League and lives in Hiddenville and by coincidence, the same city Hank moved to. In Meet the Evilmans, Phoebe met a boy with superpowers at Splatburger and Max started researching who he was. Eventually, they find out that he is Link, the son of Mike Evilman. Max activates Link's alarm system and Mike Evilman comes over. Both Hank and Mike start to talk, taking a while before recognising each other.

Both Hank and Evilman fly through the ceiling and go to Splatburger in order to stop their kids from dating. Both then engage in a food fight using the food tubes in Splatburger. In the end, Phoebe stops them and both reconciled, realising the similarities they have – both sleeping all day, both being retired, etc.

Harris Evilman

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Phoebe offers to babysit, Link's brother, Harris Evilman while Link prepares for Harris's surprise birthday party. She hopes to learn more about him, seeing that Link's getting along well with her siblings apart from Max. Harris is seen to be quiet and shy, making it difficult for Phoebe to get along well with him. He then finds Max's Lair and which interests him.

However, Phoebe gave him an evil patch that Max just created, unknowingly that it will turn him evil. He starts destroying a lot of things in the house and attacks Max and Phoebe. They then accidentally revealed his surprise birthday party, making him even angrier. In the end, Nora uses her trick shots to stop Harris, thus removing the eye patch from him and turning him back to normal. When Link comes back, Harris says they had an amazing day and even requests to sit beside Phoebe.


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Link's childhood friend comes to visit in Why You Buggin'?. Phoebe is excited to meet his friend until she found out that his friend's a girl. After they met, Quinn tells Phoebe in secret that she wants to be Link's girlfriend and threatened Phoebe. In the end, Phoebe and Quinn constantly fight over a dinner date. Eventually, Phoebe wants to prove to Link that Quinn is evil and offers Quinn mangoes, knowing that Quinn will turn herself into huge bug upon the sight of mangoes. Link sees and Phoebe arrests Quinn, sending her to the Hero League for memory wiping.


  • They all have superpowers.
  • Mike Evilman pronounces his last name "Evelman" instead of "Evilman".

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