This is a list of moments on The Thundermans during which either of the Thunder Twins were evil, voluntarily or involuntarily. Max was aspiring to be a supervillain until the end of Secret Revealed, when he chose to be a superhero. Phoebe went through hers in Come What Mayhem and Thunder in Paradise, under the influence of Dark Mayhem's powers. Max has wanted to be evil for almost all his life, until he chose to become good and train as a superhero. Phoebe did not necessarily want to be evil, as she did not know what Dark Mayhem's powers would do to her.

Evil Max Moments

Season 1

Adventures in Supersitting:

  • Max wanted Cherry to come over so that he could work in his evil lair.

Phoebe vs. Max:

  • Max pranked Phoebe a lot, claiming he was doing his job as a supervillain
  • it is revealed that Max wore supervillain clothes in school portraits back in Metroburg
  • Phoebe pranks Max as Dark Mayhem
  • Max reveals that he wants to be a supervillain because he thinks that he can't be a better superhero than Phoebe

Dinner Party:

  • Max crushes on Tara Campbell, who is evil just like him
  • Max did not want Cole Campbell and his family to come so that he could work in his evil layer
  • After Hank and Barb allow the Campbells to come in, Max tries to evilly sabotage the dinner so that Hank won't lift the no non-supes in the house rule
  • When Hank lifts the rule, Max tries to convince him to keep it because he only wants Tara, his "dark empress" in the house. But when Tara reveals that she likes him, he happily supports the rule lifting.

Report Card:

  • Max says that to become a supervillain, you don't need good grades
  • Hank and Barb threaten to take away Max's evil gadgets if he doesn't improve his grades
  • After getting them to believe that he has straight As, he gets to keep them
  • He uses telekinesis to screw up Ashley and Tyler during the math bowl

The Weekend Guest:

  • Max uses "evil science" to bring Phoebe's flytrap plant back to life

You Stole My Thunder, Man:

  • Max believes his presidency is a step to world domination
  • Phoebe and Nora get the russian plant idea from one of Max's Evil teen magazines

Crime After Crime:

  • Phoebe thinks Max is the neighborhood vandal because he is an evil prankster by nature

Phoebe's a Clone Now:

  • Max uses "evil science" to make a clone of Phoebe in order to help her with her hectic weekend schedule, and so that he gets leverage for Villain university

Pretty Little Choirs:

  • Phoebe enlists the help of Max's dark side to get revenge on Veronica
  • However, Max betrays her and becomes Veronica's new tutor boyfriend
  • Phoebe confronts him for this and Max says that on the dark side, you can't trust anyone

Up, Up, and Vacay:

  • Max used an evil gadget he had intended for melting the polar ice caps as the ball in the game "thunderball"

Breaking Dad:

  • Max built a a gadget to increase the concentration of the chemicals in turkey that makes you really sleepy
  • he would use this to make super sleepy sandwiches so that he could make everyone sleep and he would draw mustaches on everyone's face, so the school would give him his own day, "Max Thunderman" Day
  • when Hank eats one of his sandwiches, he tries to let forget about him so that he can carry out his prank, but Phoebe reminds him that even supervillains don't sacrifice anything for their dads

Season 2

Thunder Van:

  • Hank says he will not allow Max to drive the Thunder Van while he is still in his evil phase
  • Max hacks into Hank's computer to figure out the password to the van
  • Max was proud of Phoebe when she reveals she was going to sneak out to see a movie instead of study
  • when Hank says he thought the Thunder Van was stolen by an evil mastermind, Max says, "Well, you weren't too far off"

Four Supes and a Baby:

  • after Hank and Barb revoke Max's mail privileges from the house, he gets a delivery in school
  • it is a safe that Dark Mayhem owned, and he forces Billy and Nora to open it for him
  • a big punch in the stomach is what was in store for him

Max's Minions:

  • Max uses his evil in order to pull a big prank on Principal Bradford, who then calls him "Public School Enemy #1" and Max says,"Hard work does pay off!"
  • He takes up Lionel, Jake and Tom as his evil minions
  • after the three turn against him, he goes and complains to Colosso
  • Colosso then inspires him to "act like a supervillain and make them pick up your poop"
  • Max gets back at them by pranking them big time, and regaining his title as Prank King

Haunted Thundermans:

  • Max wants to catch the Green Ghoul using the Ghost Zapper so that he becomes the greatest supervillain ever
  • Hank then orders him not to and tells him it's time for him to grow out of his evil phase
  • with colosso's push, Max disobeys Hank and continues to search for the Green Ghoul
  • the green ghoul tells max that he has evil potential in him
  • Max later on says he is ready to go under the Green Ghoul's wing and kill Hank, but then it turns out it was only a trick to help Hank catch the green ghoul

Blue Detective:

  • Max kept the bolivian blue beans in his lair to use them on Phoebe to turn her blue

Cheer and Present Danger:

  • Hank, Barb, Billy, and Nora all believe that Max cheated on Mrs. Wong's pizza contest because he is "kind of" a supervillain
  • after Max writes on a piece of cardboard that he cheated, he reveals that used exploding ink and blows it up twice on Mrs.Wong's face

Change of Art:

  • Max complains that he is losing EvilGram followers because moving to Hiddenville made him soft
  • He tries to do many thing to get some back, namely fire a missile and recruit a gorilla army
  • When Billy stole the Birdvase for Phoebe from the Hiddenville Museum, Max decides to help them break in so that they can return the birdvase and he can get back some of his followers
  • They successfully break in, and Max steals a piece of art from the museum, and gets a lot of his followers back

Winter Thunderland:

  • Max wants to fight the Christmas Spirit because it's the number 1 supervillain rule
  • He decides to give Nora a terrible gift, first it was stinky cottage cheese, then it was nothing
  • It is revealed that the family was able to move to Hiddenville because Hank turned a bunch of coal pieces Max gave as an evil prank into diamond
  • After he decides to try and ruin the whole family's christmas, the spirit of christmas future shows how the rest of the family(except Nora) turns evil, which really excites Max
  • However, there is a catch: Billy turns Max into a Rabbit, similar to how Hank turned Dr.Colosso into one
  • Also, Nora moves back to their home in Metroburg, and is unable to do anything because she has nothing. This makes Max feel bad, and he decides to make Christmas good for the family

Meet the Evilmans:

  • Max wants Phoebe to get into a relationship with Link so that he can learn to become evil under Link's dad, and Hank's greatest enemy, Mike Evilman(Evilman)

You've Got Fail:

  • Max wants to win the Chirper contest for $10,000 so that he can buy a tiny island so that he can start his own evil dictatorship, named "Maxlandia", giving Billy and Nora nothing for their help in the video
  • After Phoebe fails big time in her ballet promo, Nora suggests that that is what the video should be like. Max agrees, but he fires Billy and Nora so that they can't have any credit for the video
  • He puts out the big fail in Phoebe's ballet show promo on chirper, which gets Phoebe kicked out of the show
  • After Phoebe regains the lead, Max tries to screw her up by telekinetically throwing stuff in her way, and after that doesn't work, he locks Phoebe in a closet, and then screws up as her

Doubles Trouble:

  • Max tries to win the country club membership for himself, despite promising Phoebe that he would help her win it
  • Max uses his powers to screw up Phoebe in their match against each other
  • He wedgies Link, as well as pants him, and hits him with a tennis ball in the chest really hard
  • After he and Mr.Lacroix win the tournament, he starts to act somewhat like a supervillain asking all of the employees to treat him like a king, and this gets him kicked out of the club

Who's Your Mommy:

  • Barb doesn't tell Phoebe that her electrowhip would explode and take out half a city block if it gets in the wrong hands because she would risk that info getting to Max, who as a supervillain, would take advantage of that and try to blow up half a city block

Mall Time Crooks:

  • Max goes into the pond and steals some coins so that he could get the last dollar he needed to buy the Ear Blasters

It's Not What You Link:

  • Max steals the JellyJams that Link had bought for Phoebe from Metroburg, and later destroys it on him
  • After Max and Link become friends, Phoebe fears that Max had convinced him to be a supervillain
  • Phoebe did not understand that Max and Link were only playing supervillains in a live action roleplay game. This is important to him because Max gets to practice being a villain.
  • Max thought that Link had given him EvilMan's Ring of Suffering, but as Link mentions, it's only his little sister's pretend one made out of candy

Cape Fear:

  • Max really wants Phoebe to get her superhero cape so that he gets access to Hero League weapons
  • he doesn't save the kid when he was falling; although he takes credit for it, making Hank and Barb believe that his evil phase is over. He also gets a superhero cape because of it.
  • Max starts to become the face for reformed teen villains, which concerns Dr.Colosso that Max will actually turn good
  • When Phoebe takes advantage of this to try and make Max good, and she succeeds for a while
  • then Max demands President Kickbutt for access to the weapons, later Simone super kicks him off the roof
  • After the Hero league leaves the house, Max admits that Phoebe was the one who saved the kid, and he is still very much a supervillain

Call of Lunch Duty:

  • Max is the Rebel Raptor, and he puts up a bunch of posters that really embarrass Principal Bradford

One Hit Thunder:

  • Max hides in Phoebe's room in a big Teddy Bear, making her believe that it was a present from Link
  • He then steals Phoebe's diary and uses her entry about Link's bonus toe to write a song for his band, as well as a note Phoebe wrote for Link
  • However, he shows some good when he feels bad about breaking up Phoebe and Link so much that he admits in front of SplatBurger that he stole the entry from her diary and passed it off as a song

The Girl with the Dragon Snafu:

  • Phoebe references Max's explanation in Phoebe vs. Max that he wants to be a supervillain because he thinks that he can't be a better superhero than her
  • Phoebe then questions whether Max put in any effort to be a good superhero. She says that Max doesn't want to try because he thinks he would fail.

A Hero Is Born:

  • Max turns Dr.Colosso human, going against his parent's rules.
  • Max and Dr.Colosso go to the Villain League Headquarters in Metroburg to get Colosso's "Villain of the Decade" award
  • After King Crab, Scalestro, and Lady Web threaten to kick Colosso out of the Villain League, but to prevent that, Colosso lies that he had been spending so much time trying to capture Max
  • Max, Colosso, and Phoebe then fight off King Crab

Season 3

Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel:

  • Phoebe gets her superhero cape for saving Max, and she rubs it in his face a lot, and later she becomes the official protector of Hiddenville
  • Max feels that he is going nowhere as a villain, but it is just then that he finally gets a call from Dark Mayhem
  • Dark Mayhem decides to give him a trial period to become a supervillain in which Max must record his evil acts in a "Evil Chronicle"
  • when Max starts to commit crimes to write in his chronicle, Phoebe catches him. Instead of giving him up to Hank and Barb, they decide to make a deal where Max commits crimes and Phoebe gets to try and stop him. This ends up with Phoebe winning every time
  • Max later uses his gold attracting magnet to capture Phoebe while he tries to rid Hiddenville of its water supply; his first win in the bet
  • However, Max is actually supplying Hiddenville with orange juice, and Phoebe sarcastically calls him Hiddenville's other superhero "Captain Backfire."
  • In order to keep the water and power plant from exploding, Max instead saves the town, making him and Phoebe even, and he decides that this will not go in his evil Chronicle

Why You Buggin'?:

  • Max wants to start dating Quinn because she shows to be really mean, however Quinn wants nothing to do with him
  • Once Phoebe reveals that Quinn is a bug villain, Max tells her,"Run away with me!"

Exit Stage Theft:

  • After Phoebe asks Max whether he had heard anything about the theft of Cherry's laptop, she says he is only a jerk, but not heartless, which pisses off Max
  • After complaining about this to Colosso, he agrees with Phoebe that hanging out with his band has made him soft
  • Colosso pushes him to quit the band and find some shady characters to help him fill his chronicle up
  • Max then joins Kylie, Harley, and Jade, who are three girls who steal other people's stuff
  • He would later ditch his band as well
  • With KHJ, he steals a bunch of stuff including his band's equipment
  • when he sees the new guitar strap his band made for him, he feels bad, and decides not to work for KHJ
  • He then helps Phoebe take them down and they return his band's equipment and Cherry's laptop
  • Max apologizes to his band and then he re-joins

Evil Never Sleeps:

  • Max gets a job at Evilman's mattress store, believing that Evilman will teach him how to become a supervillain
  • However, he only learns how to become a mattress salesman, and once he realizes this, he then bombs Evilman's store
  • He also finds out that Evilman was helping the Hero League test Phoebe, which pisses him off


  • Max wants to sell his new videogame villain creation to Cybron James

Floral Support:

  • Max freezes a part of Hiddenville High's campus, causing people to slip and hurt themselves, including Principal Bradford, and he writes this down in his chronicle
  • Bradford then confiscates his chronicle
  • During school, Dr.Colosso informs Max that Dark Mayhem wants to have his first chronicle review tomorrow, during which Max tells him that Bradford confiscated it
  • Colosso suggests that Max join the Green Teens, in which every member gets keys to every room, including Bradford's office
  • Max would join the green teens, also creating a petition that would prevent Bradford from putting up a putting green in the place of a stinkplant. However, when Allison has no more keys left, Max then takes Phoebe to take him to Bradford's office, on the account that he wanted to make more copies of the petition
  • they get into the office, in which Phoebe tells Max that he does have her back, but only while Max steals his chronicle back. Max then ditches Phoebe
  • Bradford catches Phoebe, and then shuts down the Green Teens
  • Phoebe gets pissed at Max for ditching her, and Max only responds with proud remarks about what he did. This makes Phoebe decide that Max is not worth her time, and she leaves him.
  • However, Phoebe is still in her head, which makes Max feel bad. He even walks out on his chronicle review to help her.
  • He helps the Green Teens stop Bradford, after which Phoebe sort of forgives him
  • When returning home, Max thought he lost his chance with Dark Mayhem after walking out on him. However, he actually really impressed Dark Mayhem, and he is happy that he still has an evil future.

Patch Me If You Can:

  • Max needs to create his new villain uniform for Dark Mayhem
  • Max decides to re-create Evilman's eyepatch, which contained the element Evilinium
  • Evilinium would amplify your evil instincts, and remove all good from you, something Max wants very much
  • After creating the patch, Harris accidentally puts it on, making him very evil
  • After a series of fights, Nora destroys the Eyepatch Max created, making him really sad
  • However, Nora tells him that the destroyed black Laz-arr Tag uniform would make a great evil uniform, which Max agrees with. This is now his evil uniform.

No Country for Old Mentors:

  • while Phoebe finally meets Tech Rider, Max secretly attaches a remote control to his supercycle
  • In order to get the remote control to work, he steals a bunch of AA batteries from Chloe's toys, which makes her mad
  • After the incident at the Metroburg SuperJail, Max then uses his remote control to drive the supercycle, unaware that Phoebe is on it
  • He drives the supercycle off into a cliff, nearly killing Phoebe

Date Expectations:

  • Max uses a thousand hamsters to power a doomsday device, which makes Phoebe miss her government class.
  • After Phoebe put him in an inflatable ball, Max knocks everyone over with it
  • on his date with Allison, he reveals that he gave the hamsters a bunch of raisins in order to enslave them to power up his device
  • after he and Allison found out that Phoebe lied to them in order to keep Allison away from Model UN, they decide to take revenge on her
  • Max tries to sabotage the peace by stealing some stuff and accusing others for it, which gets him and Allison kicked out
  • Max connects with Allison when she tells him that her parents say that she is going through a "save the world phase", similar to how Hank and Barb tell Max that he's going through an evil phase

He Got Game Night:

  • Max uses a big magnet to make the prize wheel land on new car, and then ditches Phoebe to partner with Colosso
  • Once he meets Allison, he decides to ditch Colosso for her
  • After Phoebe turns Colosso human and they become partners, Max uses his telekinesis to mess up Colosso so that they lose
  • The whole family gets into a big pillow fight, started by the Thunder twins
  • It is exposed that Billy and Nora used a machine Max made to make him smarter for his french test when Nora speaks perfect French

Original Prankster:

  • Max pranks Evan real big in Splatburger on his 6-month anniversary with Allison, which makes her mad
  • After Allison tries to stop him by gathering a bunch of his prank victims, Max continues to prank them by giving them toothpaste to eat. Allison then threatens to break up with him if he doesn't stop pranking. Max agrees to this
  • Max finds it very hard to stop pranking(mentally), and to help him, Dr.Colosso suggests he ends pranking going out with a big bang.
  • Max agrees, and he then hangs Bradford on the roof of a school, while wearing a red hat
  • Allison then suspects Max, and breaks up with him. Bradford suspects him as well. Bradford fails to find the red hat in Max's locker, which Max blows away into the hallway. Wolfgang then picks it up, and Bradford expels him.
  • Max decides to hide Wolfgang in his layer.
  • Allison comes over and apologizes to Max, after which Max admits that he pranked Bradford. He then tells Allison about how this was the big-bang finale for pranking, and he needed someone he cares about getting hurt for it to sink in. Allison forgives him.
  • Max had prank machined the whole house in case the family turns against him, which he uses to prank Bradford to get him out of his house.

Chutes and Splatters:

  • Max uses the "let's stand up to mom" idea to sneak into the house without Barb noticing
  • Max pretends to have been sleeping and being woken up by Phoebe, which extends her grounding for missing curfew from one week to two weeks
  • Max breaks into Splatburger to turn it into a Nightclub "Club Splats" so that his band can say that they have played in a club

I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka:

  • Max votes for Evan & Eleanor as "best of the besties" instead of Phoebe and Cherry
  • During another evil chronicle review, Dark Mayhem says that nothing Max does seems evil enough because he has a "baby face"
  • In order to look more evil, Max alters the Noseharalyzer to give him an evil beard
  • When Nora asks him for advice on her playdate with Owen, he tells her to leave
  • While she is leaving, he accidentally gives her a beard.
  • Max uses a picture of a bearded Nora to impress Dark Mayhem.

Beat The Parents:

  • Max tells Allison that he is a rebel, unable to be nice to adults, especially parents
  • He then goes on to be very rude to Hank

Can't Spy Me Love:

  • Max tries to steal money from Phoebe's wallet to try and buy a hoverboard with it
  • After Winter says she only wants Max to perform at her party, he agrees, despite going against the "ninja code" and pissing off Billy and Nora

Robin Hood: Prince of Pheebs:

  • Max steals Chloe's tooth fairy money, as well as her birthday money
  • Max is shown as Sheriff Maxingham in Phoebe's story
  • Sheriff Maxingham steals all of the peasant's money as well as Chloe the Cute's golden slippers
  • He then helps King Colosso capture Phoebehood to let him fling her out of the kingdom

Aunt Misbehavin':

  • Max decides to help Aunt Mandy to get revenge on Phoebe and Barb by planting a bunch of popcorn in his lair where they would be trapped

Stealing Home:

  • Max moves the family's furniture into the garage in order to mess with Hank and Phoebe for lying about training to go to the movies instead, however, he was unaware that Chainsaw bought it
  • He makes Hank and Phoebe become his servants, where they do things like make his bed and pull him around in a cart

Back To School:

  • Max reveals that he hacked into SASS email and sent Phoebe an email saying that the school would have a holiday when it actually didn't, so that he could ruin Phoebe's perfect attendance. This made Phoebe believe that she had perfect lifetime attendance.
  • Max reveals that he made the biggest prank in SASS history by attaching Leonard's butt to a magnet, and for this, Leonard wants to fail the Thunder Twins as revenge
  • After the twins save Leonard, the kids say they will remember Max for saving Leonard and loving Phoebe, which Max doesn't want to be remembered

Secret Revealed:

  • After Phoebe's big stop at the Art Museum, Max feels more that he is going nowhere as a supervillain, but it is just then that Dark Mayhem calls him with an offer to become a full-fledged supervillain, which Max takes
  • Once Max meets Mayhem, he gets his assignment: to take Phoebe's powers using Dark Mayhem's Orb
  • Once Phoebe takes the orb and removes his powers, and decides to turn him in to Hank and Barb, he declares that he and Phoebe are mortal enemies
  • Hank and Barb decide to punish him by stripping him of almost everything. He is now motivated to get revenge on Phoebe and his family
  • When Colosso gives Max back the orb, he modifies it to get his powers back and get revenge on Phoebe
  • Max escapes his room, with the whole family surprised. He then takes Hank, Barb, Billy, Nora, and Chloe's powers so that they can't stop him from destroying Phoebe. He would also decide to freeze the entire house so that the family can't escape. He then declares that he is no longer a member of the Thundermans, and he is now a supervillain. This really impresses Dark Mayhem.
  • He goes over to the prom to take Phoebe's powers. Once Phoebe realizes this, Link tries to stop him, but Max freezes him so that Phoebe can't have extra help. The thunder twins then get into a telekinetic standoff in a fight for possession of the orb.
  • Neither twin is ready to lose focus. However, the rest of the family then arrives, breaking both of their focuses. The orb goes into a juice bowl, but since Max is closer to it, he manages to recover it and get into prime position to take Phoebe's powers. Max is about to take them when Barb begs Max to give the family back their powers since Dark Mayhem wants to destroy them all.
  • Then Dark Mayhem arrives. He encourages Max to steal his sister's powers. He also reveals that he wants to enslave all of Hiddenville so that he can start his new evil empire. Right before Max is about to take her powers, Phoebe makes one big speech to get Max to his senses:"Is that really what you want Max? To lose everything? You friends? Allison? Your family?" This reaches Max's soul, and then he decides to turn good. He gives the rest of the family their powers back.
  • The whole family fights and takes down Dark Mayhem and his cronies. Hank, Barb, and Phoebe are all really proud of Max for deciding to become a superhero. Max apologizes to Phoebe for how mean he has been to her all his life.
  • Max then gets his superhero cape, officially ending his evil phase.

Evil Phoebe Moments

Season 4:

Come What Mayhem:

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Phoebe about to take Dark Mayhem's powers

  • When Max reveals that he set a stinkbomb to go off during the Supe Awards, they find out that the bomb has a thundertanium casing, something that can only be destroyed by an electroplasmic blast.
  • Phoebe takes Max to their family's secret weapons vault. There they find Dark Mayhem's Orb, which has all his powers. Phoebe suggests that they add his powers to one of them so that they can use his energy balls to destroy the bomb. Max strongly advises against this because Dark Mayhem's powers would also turn whoever has them evil as well.
  • Max builds a lemon blaster in order to destroy the bomb. However, Phoebe has no faith that it will work. Going against Max's advice, she takes the orb and absorbs Mayhem's powers.
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Phoebe's evil glare.

  • Once they arrive at the Supe Awards, they go down into the basement to destroy the stinkbomb. Max charges up his lemonblaster. Phoebe is about to release one of Dark Mayhem's energy balls, but Max says that the lemonblaster is almost charged. Phoebe decides to hold it in and give Max a chance.
  • After a while, Phoebe becomes impatient and decides to use Dark Mayhem's powers. She successfully destroys the Stinkbomb. Max gets mad at her for taking Dark Mayhem's powers. Once his lemonblaster is charged, it is shown that it would have been able to destroy the stinkbomb.
  • When they return home, Phoebe goes to remove Mayhem's powers. She asks Max to cover for her, but he refuses.
  • Phoebe brings up the orb ready to remove Mayhem's powers. She tries three times in three different languages (english, spanish, italian), however all three times she fails. Once realizing that she is unable to return Mayhem's powers, her eyes glow red, she makes an evil smirk, and rubs her fingers evilly. To be continued....

Thunder in Paradise:

  • Phoebe has nightmares about her becoming like Dark Mayhem, after which she decides she needs to remove them.
  • When she wakes up, she tries to ask Max for help. However, Max is still mad at her. Twice the evil powers start kicking in, which makes her pour maple syrup on Max's shirt and his hair. Max goes back into his lair. She decides that she needs to ask Dark Mayhem himself about how to remove his powers.
  • She goes to the Metroburg Superjail, where she meets Dark Mayhem. After asking him how to remove his powers, he tells Phoebe that his powers are evil, and it is taking full root inside of her. He suggests that she complete his masterplan by going to Hawaii, and soon she will become just like him. Phoebe gets really angry at him, telekinetically pushing him to the wall of his cell, but then the evil powers take full possession of her, and her eyes glow red, and her hair grows red streaks. Phoebe then says she will be more evil than Dark Mayhem.
  • Once she arrives back home, she tries to ask Chloe to teleport her to Hawaii secretly. However, Chloe then tells the whole family, and they decide to go to Hawaii.
  • Once they arrive in Hawaii, Phoebe starts to become very rude and mean, which makes Max really suspicious. She is obsessed on finding the "weeping volcano", where Dark Mayhem said his evil layer would be.
  • When Phoebe finds the volcano, she decides to try and find her family activities to do while she goes to the volcano. She is then forced to go kite surfing with Max, Billy, and Nora. While Billy is getting trained, Phoebe telekinetically makes the kite take Billy into the ocean, where there are sharks. She then ditches the three and goes on an ATV to the volcano. After Max and Nora save Billy, Max decides to figure out what is wrong with Phoebe.
  • Max takes an ATV as well and follows Phoebe, up until he uses his heat breath to destroy Phoebe's ATV. He confronts her about how she left Billy in danger and how she's been acting like an evil jerk ever since she used Dark Mayhem's powers. This makes Phoebe mad, after which her eyes glow red. Max realizes that Phoebe never returned Mayhem's powers, and Phoebe uses Dark Mayhem's energy balls to stop him and steals his ATV.
  • Phoebe reaches the volcano, and finds the head of Dark Mayhem's assistant robot, Destructo. Destructo explains how Dark Mayhem wanted to spread malvexium, the only element that can destroy a supe's powers, throughout the world by erupting the volcano. He would escape in his escape pod, meaning that he is the only person with superpowers in the world, and therefore, becoming the world's ruler. Phoebe gladly accepts to finish his plan.
  • However, Max, Billy, and Nora have been watching her the whole time. When Max tries to remove Mayhem's powers with the orb, Phoebe destroys it. She also closes the cave's opening, trapping her siblings.
  • Phoebe finds Dark Mayhem's layer. She instantly finds it much more attractive than Max's lair. Later on, she mixes malvexium with the lava and gets it ready to explode. Later on, she notices that her family is outside the lair, ready to surprise attack her. She lets them come in.
  • Phoebe attacks her family back and traps them using Dark Mayhem's force field power. She pulls the lever that would erupt the volcano. She also tells Max that he should have stayed evil. Despite pushes by Hank, Barb, and Max, she refuses to give up being evil. Hank, Barb, Billy, and Nora are ready to give up on Phoebe.
  • However, Max still has one last trick up his sleeve. He uses pieces of the destroyed orb and combines them with some parts from the lair's hot dog machine. Barb would power the machine while Nora would laser a hole in the forcefield. After Destructo oversees their plan, he tells Phoebe that the Thundermans are escaping. Phoebe walks over, only to have Dark Mayhem's powers removed from her. Phoebe returns back to normal.
  • The family then fights against Destructo and stop the volcano from erupting. The world is safe.