Elijah Nelson is an American actor known for his roles on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Mad Men, Switchmas among others. On The Thundermans, he portrayed the recurring character, Evan.


Some of Elijah's roles include:

Year Title Role
2017 A Fairy's Game Tyler
2017 Code Black Ira
2016 - present Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Brendan Proctor
2016 Bizaardvark Hugh
2013 - present The Thundermans Evan
2016 Colony Keith
2015 I Didn't Do It Norman Gorman
2014 Mad Men Keith
2012 Switchmas Ira J. Finkelstein


  • He has five brothers and sisters: Mary Jon Nelson, David Jon Nelson, Daniel Nelson, Micah Nelson, Judah Nelson, and Shiloh Nelson.
  • He was the third child born of between him and his siblings.

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