Dylan is a boy that used to like Phoebe. He was a guest character on Four Supes and a Baby and is portrayed by Jordan Fisher.


In Four Supes and a Baby, Dylan was at school. Phoebe popped Dylan's bag open so Phoebe helped him. Inside Dylan's bag, he had diapers and reclaimed it was not his. Dylan explained that he had a baby brother and Phoebe said to Dylan that she has a little brother and sister. Also, she said that she takes Billy and Nora to the Hiddenville community centre. Dylan said that it should be a play date for the kids.

Phoebe wanted Billy and Nora to come to the park with her, but Hank and Barb said that Billy and Nora are grounded. Phoebe took Billy and Nora behind their backs. When Phoebe arrived at the park, she told Billy and Nora that they should play with Rusty so Phoebe can have some alone time with Dylan. Phoebe said to Billy that they should take their time. Then Max arrives and wants Billy and Nora to crack open his safe for him. They don't want to leave so Max forces them to come with him. However, Nora took baby Rusty instead of baby Lulu. So Phoebe had to stall Dylan, but while she was stalling Dylan no longer had interest in Phoebe anymore. Luckily when Dylan asks for Rusty back, Max throws baby Rusty in the air so Phoebe can catch it. Then Dylan comes back because he realized that Max, Billy and Nora had Rusty.


  • He was in Teen Beach Movie

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