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Dr. Colosso
Full Name

Dr. Colosso




Supervillain (formerly)
Max Thunderman's pet rabbit (currently)


Max Thunderman (owner)

Eye Color


Hair Color




First Seen

Adventures in Supersitting

Last Seen

Up, Up, and Vacay

Portrayed By

Dana Snyder (voice)

Number one: To read, Number two: Number two!
— Dr. Colosso

Dr. Colosso is Max Thunderman's pet bunny.


Formerly a powerful supervillain, Dr. Colosso was defeated by Hank Thunderman and turned into a talking bunny that now lives with Max in his lair. He hopes to get back to his old trouble-making line of work one day, but in the meantime, Dr. Colosso offers advice to his devoted Max and spurs him on to loads of mischief.


Max Thunderman - Max is Dr. Colosso's owner. Hank Thunderman is Dr. Colosso's former archenemy.


  • He was formerly a supervillain but was turned into a bunny by Hank.
  • In the episode Phoebe vs. Max, when Max's lair was about to self destruct, he said that he loved Max but when the lair was back to normal he called it an "I Love You Prank" to hide it. So he could actually enjoy being with Max.
  • He likes to be left alone.
  • Dr. Colosso was supposed to be all white, but his fur is now black and white.
  • Alarms freak him out.
  • He loves lasers.
  • Dr. Colosso has a shower in his cage.
  • He has reading glasses.
  • Dr. Colosso keeps a stuffed rabbit in his cage.
  • He gets lonely, even though he likes to be left alone.
  • Dr. Colosso once got eaten by Trevor, the Venus Flytrap plant.
  • He loves carrots.
  • Dr. Colosso and Max have dance parties privately.
  • He wears a fun costume.
  • Dr. Colosso is dating.
  • Dr. Colosso is seen out of his cage five times so far: Crime After Crime, Nothing to Lose Sleepover, Pretty Little Choirs, Paging Dr. Thundermans, and Up, Up, and Vacay.
  • Dr. Colosso records Max's dance moves and posts them online.
  • He was 44 when he was formerly a man.


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