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Number one: To read, Number two: Number two!
— Dr. Colosso

Dr. Colosso is Max Thunderman's sarcastic pet bunny.


Formerly a powerful human super villain, Dr. Colosso was destroyed by Hank Thunderman revived and changed him into a talking bunny that currently lives with Max Thunderman in his lair. He wants to get back to his old trouble-making line of evil work one day, but for now Dr. Colosso offers help advice to his devoted Max and teaches him loads of mischief.


Max Thunderman - Max is Dr. Colosso's owner.

Phoebe Thunderman - Phoebe doesn't like him at all and thinks poorly of him. This is a two way relationship.

Hank Thunderman - Dr. Colosso's former arch nemesis.

Barb Thunderman - Colosso has a crush on Barb and wishes to take her away from Hank, even though Barb hates Dr. Colosso.


  • He was formerly the strongest super villain but was turned into a Rabbit by Hank Thunderman (But is still a BAD BAD Bunny)
  • In the episode Phoebe vs. Max, when Max's lair was about to self destruct, he said that he loved Max but when the lair was back to normal he called it an "I Love You Prank" to hide it. So he could actually enjoy being with Max More than his old life.
  • He likes to be left alone (mostly).
  • Dr. Colosso was originally goingto be all white, but his fur is black and white.
  • Alarms and self destructers freak him out.
  • He loves lasers.
  • His powers as a supervillain are unknown.
  • Dr. Colosso has a shower in his cage.
  • He has reading glasses.
  • Dr. Colosso keeps a stuffed rabbit in his cage.
  • He gets lonely, even though he likes to be left alone.
  • Dr. Colosso once got eaten by Trevor, the Venus Flytrap plant.
  • He loves carrots.
  • Dr. Colosso and Max have dance parties privately.
  • He wears a lot of fun costumes.
  • Dr. Colosso records Max's dance moves and posts them online.
  • In the episode, Pretty Little Choirs, he was seen dressed as a princess and it was revealed that he hates playing dress up, even though he likes to dress up only as a lifeguard or firefighter.
  • In the episode, Crime After Crime, when Max was grounded after making everyone think he was the neighborhood vandal (Because he didn't want anyone to know he couldn't ride a bike.), Phoebe went to Max's lair to show him the consequences the Thunderman family suffered, but there was an airport x-ray machine and Dr. Colosso was on the right, dressed as a security guard.
  • In the episode, Restaurant Crashers, he was surprised and speechless when he saw Billy use his super speed punching on Blobbin and didn't feel any pain.
  • He always had a black circle traced around-the-world style over his left eye.
  • In the episode, Breaking Dad, when he saw Max trying to get the headless uncooked turkey off his head and started dancing around to get it loose, Dr. Colosso thought it was funny.
  • Now that he was a bunny, Dr. Colosso didn't have superpowers.
  • Billy and Nora like to dress him up.
  • In the episode, Paging Dr. Thundermans, Dr. Colosso stated that he operated on a 100 people.
  • It was revealed in Four Supes and a Baby that Dr. Colosso has a dignity.
  • In The Amazing Rat Race, Dr. Colosso tries tricking Max to turn him human with the Animalizer.
  • In Blue Detective, it is revealed that Dr. Colosso is jealous of Max's girlfriend.
  • In A Hero Is Born, Max turns Colosso human and accompanies him to receive a villain of the decade award.
  • Phoebe turns Dr. Colosso human again in He Got Game Night so that he can partner with her and take down Max.


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