Phoebe is a butt.

— Doggin, human

Doggin is Cousin Blobbin's dog on The Thundermans.


In the episode Parents Just Don't Thunderstand, Cousin Blobbin invites Billy and Nora to visit him in his huge mansion in Metroburg but when they arrive, he asks them to pretend to be his children so that he can be allowed to adopt a dog, which he names Doggin. To bribe the kids, he buys them the huge high-energy spazzberries which turn them hyper and out of control. They start using their powers in the house recklessly, making the house insecure for the dog. The dog lady refuses to let Blobbin own the dog. Billy and Nora feel bad about it. So, Billy super speeds to steal the dog lady's keys forcing her to come back to Blobbin's house. Once back, Nora burns Doggin's leash with her laser eyes, freeing the Dog to jump to Cousin Blobbin. The kids then threaten the dog lady with their superpowers. Doggin becomes officially Cousin Blobbin's dog.

In Dog Day After-School, Cousin Blobbin asks Nora and Billy to babysit Doggin at the Thundermans house while he's away. However, when the kids get Barb's tablet confiscated by their teacher, they risk losing the privilege to dogsit Doggin. They enlist Max and Phoebe's help to help get the tablet back without Barb finding out. Phoebe uses the Animalizer to turn Doggin into a human woman. The Thundermans kids then train Human Doggin to pretend to be Barb so that she can receive Barb's tablet from Nora and Billy's teacher. Despite acting weird, Doggin saves the day and the plan works.

Unfortunately, to hide human Doggin from Cousin Blobbin during a video call, they give her snacks including beef, which they're not supposed to. Doggin runs out of the house searching for more meat. She ends up at Splatburger where Mrs. Wong locks her up in her office. Mrs. Wong calls cops on the "crazy woman" but the Thunder kids arrive and Phoebe distracts the cops while Max, Billy and Nora sneak in to turn her back into a dog. Phoebe convinces the cops that it was a dog all along. This makes Mrs. Wong paranoid because she knows for sure she saw a woman.

In Date of Emergency, Doggin swallows Cousin Blobbin's wallet with a trillion-dollar bill. Cousin Blobbin believes that he's lost all of his money and therefore moves in with Doggin to live with the Thundermans. Dr. Colosso thinks it's a rich-people test and advises the Thundermans to be very nice to Cousin Blobbin. He also pretends to be nice to Doggin hoping that he'll get some share when they pass the test. After Blobbin confirming that he really lost his money, Doggin vomits out the wallet with the trillion dollar bill. With their money back, Doggin and Blobbin move back to Metroburg.


When human, she has a very dog-like personality. But, that would explain why she is a dog.

Episode Appearances


  • Doggin is owned by Blobbin.
  • She first appeared in Parents Just Don't Thunderstand.
  • Strangely, Doggin's a boy in Parents Just Don't Thunderstand, and is a girl in Dog Day After-School.however it's quite possible nobody but her knew she was a girl.


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