I am your mother and Phoebe is a butt.


Dog Day After-School is the fifteenth episode in Season 3 in The Thundermans.


Billy and Nora seek Phoebe's help to retrieve their mother's tablet after it is confiscated at school.[1]


Main Plot

Max Holding Animalizer

When Billy and Nora take their mom's tablet to school and get it confiscated by their teacher, they run to Max for help. They find Max in the driveway holding the Animalizer. They explain their problem to Max. They are worried that if Barb found at about her tablet, she wouldn't let them dogsit Cousin Blobbin's dog Doggin. Dr. Colosso threatens to report them to Barb but Nora shuts his mouth. Max reveals that he wasn't listening to them.

Max Turns Raccoon Human

Max turns a raccoon human

Max then does a voiceover on his smartwatch saying that we know what the Animalizer does when it's used on humans. But what happens when it's used on animals? He then uses the animalizer to turn a raccoon into a man. Phoebe comes over and mistakes the raccoon man for a trash man but the raccoon man starts attacking her. Max turns him back into a raccoon with the Animalizer.

Animalizer Face Recognition

In the living room, Phoebe wonders how Max got the animalizer after Hank updated the security. Max shows them that he tricks the security system by making it scan a terrible drawing of his dad's face drawn on his belly. To help Nora and Billy get their mom's tablet back, Max takes out ski masks to help the kids steal the tablet back. But Phoebe prevents him from making their children commit a felony. Phoebe suggests taking cookies to the teacher and being nice to her, then politely asking for the tablet back. The kids choose Phoebe's plan.

Doggin on Skates
Phoebe and Doggin

While taking trash outside, Phoebe is still afraid of seeing the raccoon man again. So, when Cousin Blobbin text-travels to her, Phoebe hits him with trash. Blobbin introduces his dog, Doggin to Phoebe. Blobbin also gives Phoebe a set of instructions to give to Billy and Nora for dog-sitting. Blobbin text-travels back. Nora and Billy arrive from school and find Phoebe still outside. They're excited to see Doggin. Phoebe asks them how it went with their teacher and they all get mad at her. They inform her that the teacher thought the cookies were a bribe and now she is going to call Barb. Max comes over and tells them that's what they get for taking advice from Mom Junior. Phoebe is shocked to realize that they call her "Mom Junior."

Phoebe Mom Junior

Barb comes asking the kids if they've seen her tablet and they all say they haven't. The phone rings and Nora suspects that it's the teacher calling. Phoebe uses telekinesis to get the phone outside. With "Max's" help she convinces their parents that she was expecting a call... about armpit fungus... for Max. Phoebe picks up the call. She tells them that Mom Jr is no more. From now on, it's just Fun Phoebe. She then starts talking to Nora's teacher, using a terrible impression of Barb. The teacher agrees to give back the tablet with only one catch: she will bring it home to Barb herself!

Phoebe Turns Doggin Human

Phoebe turns Doggin human

Nora and Billy are worried about getting grounded. So, fun Phoebe comes up with a solution. She takes the animalizer and turns Doggin into a woman pretending to be their mom. Max, Phoebe, Nora and Billy then use treats to train Doggin on how to act and what to say when Nora's teacher comes home to meet her. They teach Doggin how to say "My name is Barb and I want my tablet back, please."

Human Doggin
Doggin as Barb

The teacher arrives at the door and introduces herself to "Mrs. Thunderman." Doggin starts sniffing the teacher. Phoebe asks them to "sit" down. Doggin sits on the floor, forcing the Thunder kids to sit on the carpet too to convince the teacher that that's totally normal for the family. The teacher apologizes for taking the tablet but blames Nora and Billy for being disobedient. She gives Doggin the tablet back and leaves. Fun Phoebe really pulled it off.

The Thunder Monitor announces an incoming transmission from Cousin Blobbin. To hide the Human Doggin from Blobbin, they make her go to the kitchen by giving her meat treats. She follows. Cousin Blobbin reminds them that meat makes Doggin very destructive. The Thunder kids hadn't seen it on the instructions because it was on the other side. They freak out.

Doggin Runs Away
Doggin eats all the meat from the fridge and runs away to look for more meat. The Thunder Monitor reveals that Doggin is entering Splatburger. The kids run to Splatburger. Doggin arrives at Splatburger and starts running from table to table eating their meat and destroying stuff. Mrs. Wong gets angry at her and locks her up in the office. She then calls the police about the "crazy woman." Phoebe promises Billy and Nora that Fun Phoebe will get them out of it but they ask her to be Mom Junior again. At least Mom Jr looks out for them.

Phoebe Bribes Cops

When the cops arrive, the Thunder Twins agree that Phoebe will distract the cops while Max takes care of Doggin. Phoebe offers cookies to Mrs. Wong as an apology for what her dog did to the restaurant but Wong insists that's not a dog - it's a crazy woman in there. Phoebe distracts the cops and even gets them to sit down and eat her cookies. This gives Max a chance to sneak into Mrs. Wong's office. He finds that Doggin has trashed the office. Billy and Nora sneak the animalizer through the back window. Max uses it to turn Human Doggin back to a dog. The kids then leave through the window.

Doggin Trashes Wong's Office

Mrs. Wong gets impatient with the cops and force-opens the door. They find a dog. The police conclude that Mrs. Wong is imagining things. The kids go back home and find Cousin Blobbin waiting for the dog. Barb notices Human Doggin's face attached to the family portrait and wonders who that woman is.


Barb Hank and Chloe

When Hank and Barb notice Chloe doing gymnastics in the house they offer to take her to a gymnastics class. Phoebe is concerned that they will go overboard with it. They get mad at Phoebe and insist that it's Chloe who wants to go.

Barb and Hank The Tumblemans

At the gymnastics class, Barb and Hank's performance impresses Coach Gibbons who asks them to do a little more for the kids. Barb says they're not dressed for that and then they both rip off their clothes, revealing circus gymnastic clothes underneath. Barb and Hank take over the performance, calling themselves "The Tumblemans." This gives Chloe and the other children no chance to practice.

Hank and Barb Aplogize to Chloe

Chloe asks them for her turn and they refuse to let her practice. So, she gets impatient and sabotages them by making them trip and fall. Hank and Barb then sit down to explain themselves to Chloe. A while back they went undercover as circus performers to catch a villain, but they caught "Tumble Fever." They open up to her that doing these gymnastics was the only way to get their tumble on. After apologizing to Chloe, she asks them to do her performance with them.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Nicole Sullivan as Human Doggin



  • This was the eighteenth episode filmed this season.
  • Nicole Sullivan previously starred in Wendell & Vinnie, alongside Jerry Trainor and Bella and the Bulldogs's Buddy Handleson.
  • This episode broke the hiatus of Season 3. This was only the third episode aired in 2016, after a hiatus since November 2015, with only two episodes airing between that period of time.


Max:That's what you get for taking advice from mom junior.
Phoebe:Who's mom junior? (gasps) Am I mom junior?
Nora:Yeah, we usually just call you that when you're not around.
Billy:Or when we write it in secret notes.
— Mom Junior
Barb:(phone rings) I'll get it.
Phoebe: (taking the phone) Uh no, it's for me... I'm expecting a call about -
Max:Armpit fungus.
Phoebe:Armpit fungus... for Max.
— Phone Call
Phoebe:Don't worry. Fun Phoebe has got this, don't ya know.
Nora:Stop it! We don't need Fun Phoebe right now. We need Mom Junior.
Phoebe:I thought you guys didn't like Mom Junior
Nora:We never said we didn't like her.
Max:For the record I did.
Billy: But at least she looks out for us.
Phoebe: (In terrible accent) Aww. Okay, that settles it. Mom Junior's back and she's got a bonzer of a plan, mate! (normal) I'm done with accents.
— After losing Doggin

I'm not making her up. She's real. My chickens my be made in a lab in my basement but she's real!

Mrs. Wong about Doggin


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