David Burrus is an actor who potrays Tyler on the series The Thundermans.


Please note, this biography was written and published on IMDB and was not created by The Thundermans Wiki

David "Dj" Burrus Jr. was born and raised in Long Beach California. He and his family grew up as huge movie fans. As a young child (beginning at the age of 3) David began pestering his parents after every movie, inquiring how he could "get up there on the big movie screen". Both of his parents dismissed the questions and told him that it was nearly impossible and extremely hard to become an actor. His dad, being a serious sports fan, enrolled David in football, baseball, and soccer programs between the ages of 3 and 7. All the while, David Jr. constantly inquired about "getting up there on that big screen". At the age of 7, his parents decided that the only way to make him stop asking about the acting industry would be to place him in an acting class, pull him from sports and let him experience the mundane, and repetitive world of script reading, line memorization and Saturday mornings on the 405 Freeway. David Jr. was enrolled in Young Actors Studio with his new teacher Jeff Alan Lee. Within weeks of joining the class, David was signing with a new talent agent and in meetings with some influential Hollywood representatives. One year later, he appeared on the "big screen" for the first time as an illegitimate child of John C. Riley in the movie Walk Hard The Dewey Cox Story. Two years later, after walk on roles on shows such as My Name is Earl, Hanna Montana, Tasty Time with Zefronk and a few commercials, David Jr. finally landed his largest speaking role in the 2012 movie, "People Like Us." David Jr. has found his stride in television and on stage as he networked with Theatrical writer and Director Diane Namm, performing in a dozen different productions to include runs at the Pasadena and Santa Monica Playhouses. David continues his studies as a student at Orange County High School of the Arts and in his spare time, he spends time with his parents (and sister Ambyr) as they are all still "huge movie fans".

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