This is the world's first power-sapping orb! I want you to take ThunderGirl's powers.

Dark Mayhem's Orb is the world's first power-sapping orb developed by Dark Mayhem and his evil Villain League associates as a means to take away superpowers from superheroes. It has the ability to absorb superpowers, keep them and later restore them or give the powers to other people. The Orb is currently kept in the Thundermans weapons' vault.


Thundermans: Secret Revealed

Dark Mayhem invites Max to his "Happy Fun Burger" secret hideout where he introduces the orb as the world's first power-sapping orb. He gives the orb to Max and asks him to use it to take away Phoebe's powers and stop her from ascending to become the superhero "ThunderGirl." Max takes the orb with him but he's reluctant about taking away Phoebe's powers. However, when Phoebe finds out about the evil plan, she comes over and takes the orb by force from Max. After a fight, she accidentally triggers the orb to absorb Max's powers. Instead of restoring Max's powers from the orb, Max gets grounded and Hank hides the orb in his room.

To save Max, Dr. Colosso steals the orb from Hank's room, swallows it and vomits it out for Max so that he can get his powers back. Max then figures out a way to take his powers from the orb. After restoring his powers, Max gets his way into the living room and uses the orb to take away powers from Hank, Barb, Nora, Billy and Chloe so that they won't stand in his way as he goes after Phoebe.

Max arrives at the Junior prom to take away Phoebe's powers, leading to a telekinetic fight for the orb. While the Thunder Twins are fighting for the orb, their parents arrive begging Max to restore their powers so that they can save themselves from Dark Mayhem. After a compelling speech from Phoebe, Max agrees to restore his parents powers from the orb. However, since the orb had fallen into the punch during the fight, it malfunctions and reassigns the wrong powers to the Thundermans. Hank gets Barb's electrokinesis. Barb gets Billy's superspeed. Billy gets Nora's heat vision. Nora gets Chloe's teleportation and Chloe gets Hank's super-strength and flight.

After defeating Dark Mayhem, Max uses the orb to absorb his powers. He intends to keep the orb but Phoebe takes it for safekeeping.

Come What Mayhem

While looking for weapons in the Thundermans weapons vault, the Thunder Twins see the orb and Phoebe suggests using it to absorb Dark Mayhem's powers in order to be able to disable the stink bomb. But Max warns her against it, arguing that absorbing Dark Mayhem's powers could turn anyone evil. Phoebe doesn't have confidence that Max's gadget can save the day. So, she defies his advice and absorbs Dark Mayhem's powers from the orb. However, when she tries to return the powers into the orb, the powers deflect and "refuse" to get back into the orb. The powers turn Phoebe evil.

Thunder in Paradise

After realizing that Phoebe is evil while in Hawaii, Max sends Chloe to get the orb from the Thundermans weapons vault. He tries to use the orb to take Dark Mayhem's powers from Phoebe but Phoebe overpowers him and destroys the orb. Max carries the pieces of the orb to the Dark Mayhem's evil lair where Phoebe is about to unleash Malvexium to destroy all the other superheroes/supervillains powers. While trapped in a force-field, Max reconfigures the orb pieces and uses Barb's electrokinesis to power the pieces. This helps absorb Dark Mayhem's superpowers from Phoebe, saving her from being evil.


The following people have had their powers taken by the orb at some point:

Episode Appearances


  • So far, Phoebe is the only Thunderman whose powers haven't been taken away by the orb. However, the orb was used on her in "Thunder in Paradise" to take away Dark Mayhem's powers.
  • Like the Animalizer which was developed by Dr. Colosso and later used against him; the Power Sapping Orb was developed by Dark Mayhem and later used on him to take away his powers.
  • It ends up destroyed in Thunder in Paradise.