Who are you that you speak to Cybron as though you were his equal?

— Cybron James

Cybron James is a character on The Thundermans. He is a top video game developer and businessman whose games are usually unbeatable. Cybron James is portrayed by Alex Staggs.


In Doppel-Gamers, Cybron James was launching a new video game called Spitballs at GamerFest. Phoebe and Max wanted tickets to meet Cybron James because they had been unable to defeat Pink Eye, a villain in one of Cybron James' video games. Max wanted Cybron James to model a game character after him because Cybron James creates villains that can't be beat. Phoebe, on the other hand, wanted to meet Cybron James to figure out how to defeat Pink Eye.

At GamerFest, Cybron James wanted to market Spitballs launch with a live action version of the game. He asked his employees Fefe and Matt to look for kids that they can trick into playing in the game. Billy and Nora became an easy target for Matt and Fefe because Phoebe and Max had ditched them. Meanwhile, Max and Phoebe were struggling to get inside for a chance to talk to Cybron James. After all their attempts to get in failed, Phoebe and Max disguised themselves as employees, during which Fefe accidentally revealed to Phoebe that Cybron had rigged the game for Billy and Nora to lose. Phoebe tried to warn Nora and Billy about it but they couldn't trust her. She tried to get Max to help but Max was too busy trying to get a chance to talk to Cybron James.

While Cybron James was watching the live-action Spitballs, Max approached him to present his character idea. Max showed Cybron James the drawing of the character he had modelled after himself. Cybron James was impressed. He even revealed his plans to humiliate Nora and Billy by having their scared faces posted all over, as part of Spitballs advertising posters. Max felt bad for his siblings and confronted Cybron about using them. He then took his character poster away from Cybron James and went to help Phoebe save the kids.

Cybron was shocked when the spitball cannons "malfunctioned" and took each other out and exploded all over him (when really the Thunder Twins used Telekinesis). He started crying and asked Fefe and Matt to come and cry with him.

Episode Appearances


  • He talks about himself in the third person.

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