I get that you're not evil, anymore, but you don't have to be all "Phoebe" about it.

Nora to Max

Cookie Mistake is the twenty-sixth episode of Season 4 of The Thundermans and the ninety-seventh episode overall. It first aired on March 10, 2018 to 1.02 million viewers.[1]



After Phoebe chooses Billy to accompany her to their favorite cookie factory's exclusive tasting event, Max and Nora are determined to sneak in and get to the delicious treats first.[2]

Main Plot

Sweet Gam Gam's Cookie Palace is running a contest where the winner gets to visit the cookie palace and taste the special micro-chip cookie. To win the contest, one has to open the lucky cookie box. So, Max, Nora and Billy are at Splatburger going through hundreds of boxes of cookies, hoping to find the lucky box. They ask Phoebe to come over because it's an emergency but when she arrives, she realizes that Max just wants her to pay for more cookie boxes.

Phoebe orders just one cookie box for herself. She opens it and voila! It's the winning box! The message on the box says that the winner is allowed to invite one person. Max starts begging Phoebe to take him with her because he's her twin. Both Nora and Billy want to be invited too. Phoebe refuses to make a decision right away and watches her siblings fight on their way home over who should be selected.

Later at home, Phoebe asks each one of them to give an argument why she should pick them. Max says that Phoebe should pick her because he's her twin. He also blackmails Phoebe by threatening to post an embarrassing photo of Phoebe picking a wedgie. Nora says Phoebe should choose her because she's her sister, so that puts her ahead of those two dingdongs. She also threatens to laser Phoebe's eyes with her Heat Vision if Phoebe doesn't choose her.

When it comes to Billy's turn, he says there is no need to try. Billy tells Phoebe that he has no chance winning against Max and Nora because Max is Phoebe's twin and Nora is Phoebe's sister. Phoebe hangs out with Max the most, followed by Nora. But she never really hangs out with Billy, so Billy doesn't stand a chance. Max and Nora agree with Billy's surrender. Surprisingly, Phoebe chooses Billy. She explains that Billy is right. They don't hang out much. So, this would be nice. Max then threatens to post the wedgie picture but Phoebe calls his bluff by saying that she's never picked a wedgie because a lady never picks. Nora's reaction makes it clear that she picks wedgies. Phoebe ignores Nora and Max and stands by her choice of Billy.

Left home alone, Nora asks Max to join forces with her and break into the Cookie Palace. Max refuses to agree to Nora's evil schemes, reminding her that he's a superhero now and a Z-Force candidate. Nora tells Max that she knows he's not evil anymore, but he doesn't to be all-Phoebe about it. Nora gets on Max's head by insisting on how similar Max and Phoebe have become. She even pretends to not know which one of the Thunder Twins takes ballet. At that point, Max falls for Nora's plan and agrees to crash Phoebe and Billy's day.

At the Cookie Palace, Phoebe and Billy are overjoyed to finally meet Sweet Gam Gam. She tells them that she is over 130 years old but uses a special cookie wrap she invented to remain fresh and young. Sweet Gam Gam shows off some of her best cookie inventions. She even shows them the special microchip cookie which can be programmed to any flavor. She only made one microchip cookie, so it is very special to her. While she is still showing Phoebe and Billy around, the delivery guy comes over carrying a bag of beans. Sweet Gam Gam doesn't remember ordering the bag but then again she doesn't even remember the name of the sweet young "girl" (Billy). She takes Phoebe and Nora to another room.

It turns out that Max and Nora used the bag of beans to sneak into the Cookie Palace. Nora uses her laser eyes to cut through the bag. She asks Max to break the glass and steal the microchip cookie but Max plugs in a device to hack the microchip cookie instead of breaking it. While Max's hacking machine is running, Phoebe and Billy come by only to be shocked to find Nora and Max. Phoebe confronts Max for sneaking in and ruining her brother-sister moment with Billy. But Max says, it was supposed to be a special brother-sister day for him and "Dora" (Nora). Max takes the microchip cookie but Phoebe freezes him and takes away the cookie. Nora laughs at Max saying how stupid it looks. Fight breaks out between Max / Nora and Phoebe / Billy. Phoebe uses Sweet Gam Gam's special wrapper gun to wrap Max and Nora together into a cookie wrap. She then goes to place the microchip cookie back into its machine.

Unfortunately, Sweet Gam Gam returns into the room and finds Phoebe holding the microchip cookie. Without giving Phoebe a chance to explain herself, Sweet Gam Gam calls them thieves and starts attacking both Phoebe and Billy. As Sweet Gam Gam chases after them, beating them, Nora and Max are enjoying every moment of it while still wrapped up together. When Sweet Gam Gam gets out of site, Max tells Nora he has a plan but Nora is already ahead of him. She lasers the cookie wrap and sets both her and Max free. Max and Nora start downloading a flavor for the microchip cookie while Sweet Gam Gam is smacking Phoebe and Billy. Sweet Gam Gam knocks both Phoebe and Billy down and starts pressing them with a comically giant spatula.

Max starts to feel bad for Phoebe and Billy and wants to help; but Nora tells him, "Let them suffer!" At that moment, Max and Nora realize that they're bad influences on each other and it's probably safe that they don't hangout as much. They confess to Sweet Gam Gam that they're the ones who were trying to steal the cookie. Sweet Gam Gam thanks them for their honesty and lets Phoebe and Billy free. She then allows them to taste the microchip cookie with whatever flavor they choose.

Nora, starting to come around, asks Billy to choose the flavor. He chooses cat food flavor. It's disgusting.

Sub Plot

The "Lil Mini Metroburg Talent Pageant" is coming up. Back in his day, Hank was a contestant in the pageant. However, when doing the ribbon dance while flying during the talent segment, he accidentally set the place on fire by interfering with some of the electrical appliances. He was banned for life from returning to the pageant. But now, he has the opportunity to finish his pageant dream - through Chloe. Hank convinces Barb and Chloe that Chloe should participates.

Hank starts training Chloe on how to walk on the pageant stage and how to answer questions. But as time goes by, it becomes clear that Chloe is not into the talent pageant and doesn't want to do it. Barb tells Hank about it but Hank continues pushing Chloe.

They go to Metroburg for the contest but during Chloe's performance, it becomes more clear than ever that Chloe doesn't want to do this. Hank starts talking to his imaginary Little Hank who tells him that they shouldn't force Chloe to live their dream. Hank allows Chloe to take a break. Before sitting down, Chloe asks Hank to complete his dream by performing his ribbon dance on stage.

While Hank is causing chaos on stage, Barb talks to her imaginary Little Barb who seems proud that she married Hank.


Main Cast

Special Guest Cast

  • Marla Gibbs as Sweet Gam Gam

Guest Cast

  • Pat Finn as Pageant Contest Host
  • Brody Allen as Little Hank
  • Kaia Finn as Little Barb
  • Olivia Adelaide Clark as Mitzi Blizzardberg (Pageant Girl)



  • The episode title is a reference to the term "rookie mistake," which means a mistake done due to lack of experience.
  • Maya Le Clark's older sister, Olivia Adelaide Clark guest starred in this episode.


The Thundermans - "Cookie Mistake" Promo HD

The Thundermans - "Cookie Mistake" Promo HD