Clones are exact replicas of people, created by science. Identical in every sense. However if they get the slightest knock on the head they automatically turn incredibly dim and childlike.


Dr. Colosso taught Max how to make clones, although orignally they had two butts he managed to overcome this. And perfectly clone Doctor Colosso, later following his sister being unable to cope with her work load, Max made a clone of Phoebe to help her out (and to help him get into villain university) unfortunately he accidentally dropped a book on its head, causing it to turn incredibly stupid and childish. It proceeded to mess up Phoebe's commitments at the library and the bake sale. Max and the real Phoebe tried to capture it, but they accidentally captured the real Phoebe. It proceeded to then mess up Billy and Nora's talent show. However with the help of Hank and Barb they managed to capture it. Hank then sent it to there aunt Maggie's farm and accidentally sent the real doctor colosso oh no. (Phoebe's A Clone Now)


  • They don't appear to gain the person there a clone of superpowers.
  • Only appeared in one episode.
  • When they get hitted by something eg book they turn crazy

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