Phoebe: Sorry, I was just chirping my friends on Chirper.
Max: Pheebs, you're confusing Mom.
Barb: No, she's not - I chirp my friends all the time.
— Phoebe, Max & Barb, Thunder Van

Chirper is a social media network in the Thundermans universe which allows users to share posts, photos and videos. It is a parody of Twitter.

The Basics

  • Chirp - a post on Chirper.
  • Chirping - posting status updates.
  • Chirping friends - talking to your friends on Chirper.
  • Rechirping - re-posting/sharing other people's chirps (posts).


Thunder Van

  • Phoebe is chirping her friends while Barb is trying to talk to her.
  • Max and Phoebe make fun of Barb for not knowing about Chirper or anything modern when she asks them to stop being on their phones all the time.

Shred It Go

  • MKTO fans submit extreme videos on Chirper as part of a contest to win MKTO concert tickets. Max and Phoebe participate by posting a video using telekinesis to make it look like Phoebe was jumping out of the plane for MKTO. They win the contest.
  • When a bird poops on Max, his date Cassandra takes the embarrassing picture and posts it on Chirper with the hashtag, #BirdTurd. It ends up trending for hours.

You've Got Fail

  • Chirper has an Epic Fail video contest where the first person to get over one million rechirps would win $10,000. Max tries to use Nora and Billy to make an epic fail video but their acting is not convincing enough.
  • Phoebe wants to post a ballet video on Chirper asking people to buy tickets to the upcoming ballet performance where she would become The Swan.
  • When Phoebe hilariously falls during her ballet video, Max steals Phoebe's phone and posts the fail video on Chirper. The video quickly starts trending and Phoebe gets labelled, "Epic Faillerina." Chirper video attracts a lot of people to buy tickets to the ballet performance but it gets Phoebe kicked out from the performance. Phoebe hacks Max's computers and deletes the video just before it hits one million rechirps.
  • Phoebe ends up winning Chirper epic fail video contest after posting the video of Max trying to ruin the ballet performance.

Doubles Trouble

  • Phoebe blackmails Max to teach her how to play tennis by threatening to post an embarrassing picture of Max playing tennis, as "Thunderslam."

Date Expectations

  • When Max and Allison realize that Phoebe set them up on a date, Max looks up Phoebe on Chirper and finds out that she was at the Model U.N.

Thundermans: Banished!

  • After the Thundermans superhero secret is exposed, the Thunder kids become very popular on Chirper.
  • Nora and Billy get a lot of new followers on Chirper.
  • Nora's fans on Chirper call themselves "Noranators" while Billy's use "Billyvers" as their fandom name.
  • Billy and Nora spend so much time replying to fans on Chirper that they have no time to play with Chloe.

Date of Emergency

  • Barb now has an account on Chirper and is following some of the trending topics, including Mallison, Choyster and Unicycle Fails.
  • Both #Mallison and #Choyster are trending on Chirper after they become the official ship names.
  • When Phoebe tries to be the fifth wheel to Mallison and Choyster by riding a unicycle behind them, she falls terribly and starts trending under Unicycle Fails.

Known Users



  • "Chirp" is a synonym of "tweet" - both of which refer to the sound a bird makes.
  • During filming, Kira Kosarin usually goes to twitter when Phoebe is supposed to be chirping. [1]