Chainsaw is a former prisoner and the owner of Game of Scones coffee shop. Max found him on the internet in Pheebs Will Rock You to give Phoebe and Oyster a matching mohawk. Max wanted to prove that Phoebe is not the bad girl she claimed to be. Chainsaw scares Phoebe off. At the end, Chainsaw steals their microwave.

In Stealing Home, Max gets Chainsaw to help him hide the Thundermans furniture in the garage for a fake garage sale. When Max finds the furniture gone from the garage, the Thundermans assume that Chainsaw stole it. They find that he got the furniture for his new coffee shop, Game of Scones. He reveals that he paid for the furniture by tossing the money in an envelope into Max's Lair. Hank, Phoebe and Max dare Chainsaw and his daughter, Hacksaw to a food-tossing contest where whoever wins gets to keep the furniture. Chainsaw says that he and his daughter play that game every day. When Hacksaw loses to Max, Chainsaw calls her a disgrace to the Saw family name. He loses the furniture for his coffee shop.


He is a former prisoner and looks quite scary. He still steals stuff even though he is starting to get more responsible by running a coffee shop with his daughter.



Hacksaw is Chainsaw's daughter. She works with her dad at their new coffee shop. They are both thieves and they work together at Chainsaws new place. She is scary, just like her father as she seemed to scare Max.

Episodes Appearance 


Stealing home - chainsaw's game of scones

Chainsaw's Game of Scones

Stealing home - chainsaw and hacksaw lost

Chainsaw and Hacksaw lose to Thundermans

Stealing home - chainsaw and max

Chainsaw and Max

Stealing home - hank meets chainsaw

Chainsaw and Hank


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