... And just because I like to play with her doesn't mean I don't like to play with Billy too.

— Nora about Billy

I can't do anything without you because I have so much fun doing everything with you

— Billy to Nora

Billy and Nora are siblings and best friends on the Thundermans. Unlike Max and Phoebe who fight a lot, Nora and Billy get along very much and are each other's best friend. They care a lot about each other and always work together to figure stuff out.

Ship Names

  • Bora = (B/illy) and (N/ora)
  • Nolly = (No/ra) and (Bi/lly)

Billy and Nora Moments

Season 1

Adventures in Supersitting

30 midi
  • Billy says he and Nora both have less powers than Phoebe and Max.
  • Nora and Billy play "laser tag" where Nora zaps Billy with her laser eyes as Billy screams "cut it out!"
  • The Thunder Twins are forced to babysit Nora and Billy.
  • Max uses Billy and Nora to engrave his name on the moon.
  • Nora slides down to Max's lair and falls on Billy.
  • Billy and Nora both scream when they see Dr. Colosso.
  • Nora and Billy agree that Max is the best babysitter ever.
  • They play with Max's Nose Hairalyzer together but quickly start fighting for it.
  • Nora is disgusted Billy when he used the Nose Hairalyzer to give himself chest hair
  • Both Billy and Nora doubt that Max and Phoebe can work together, so they start packing.
  • Phoebe levitates both Nora and Billy mid-air when they enter the living room. This causes Cherry to know Phoebe has superpowers.

Phoebe vs. Max

Nora and Billy Trash Wars
  • Nora and Billy fight over taking out garbage which results in a trash war.

Dinner Party

  • Billy and Nora dress up as a butler and a chef to serve the Thundermans during the dinner party with the Campbells.

Report Card

  • Barb wants Billy and Nora to go to school but Hank wants them to be his sidekicks.
  • Nora and Billy help Hank catch the newspaper thief who turns out to be Dr. Colosso.

Ditch Day

  • Billy and Nora make their dad watch Space Kitties with them.
  • They are both shocked to see Max and Phoebe hanging out together in Max's Lair.
  • They both debate over where "pic pic" is a thing after Billy takes a picture of Max and Phoebe's photo together.
  • Nora and Billy want to help Max and Phoebe but the twins don't want their help. So, Nora comes up with a plan to sabotage them.
  • They both fake being sleepy so that they can sneak out.

This Looks Like a Job For...

  • Billy and Nora play a stacking game together.
  • They make money by betting in the stacking competition.
  • Nora and Billy show off their new MePhones to Phoebe and Max but the twins take the phones away. So, Nora melts the phones.

The Weekend Guest

  • Max uses Nora and Billy to steal Phoebe's Venus Fly Trap plant.
  • They trick Phoebe into think Cole is calling but she quickly busts them.
  • Both Billy and Nora get trapped by Trevor the plant.
  • Nora apologizes to Billy for using his toothbrush to scrub Dr. Colosso.

Weird Science Fair

  • Billy and Nora are working on their science project.
  • They shout "Science Fair!" in front of Max causing him to fall through the wall, despite Phoebe asking them not to.
  • They both lose control of their projects to Phoebe and Max.
  • Nora and Billy sabotage Phoebe and Max's science fair projects

Crime After Crime

  • Billy and Nora go undercover to see who is the criminal but they fail.
  • Nora dresses up as a baby while Billy dresses up as Nora's babysitter.

Going Wonkers

  • Billy and Nora powers both glitch because of the Achilles Comet.
  • Nora zaps Billy intentionally after regaining control of her powers but she lets Billy blame the comet.

Restaurant Crashers


  • Billy and Nora know that Max got his Thundersense and use it to blackmail him.
  • They both want Max to get them a trampoline.
  • Nora worries and runs to call for help when Billy is about to fall from the roof.

Phoebe's a Clone Now

  • Nora and Billy dance together for their school talent show.
  • They both don't want their parents teaching them because they think they're lame.
  • They win the talent show after Phoebe helps them cheat, using telekinesis

Have an Ice Birthday

  • Billy and Nora are tired of hanging out with Hank and Barb.

Nothing to Lose Sleepover

  • Nora and Billy try to break the Indestructibo Botand encourage Hank to break it.

Pretty Little Choirs

  • Billy and Nora are playing dress up with Dr. Colosso.
  • They both get very worried when Dr. Colosso disappears.
  • Nora and Billy work together to rescue Dr. Colosso from Darcy

Paging Dr. Thunderman

  • Billy is upset after hearing that Nora will go to another school.
  • Billy tells Max that he and Nora are best friends and don't hate each other the way Phoebe and Max do.
  • Nora gives up an opportunity for a great school so that she can stay around and play with Billy.

Up, Up, and Vacay

  • Nora and Billy are not happy to be separated into different teams during the family competition.
  • They help convince their teams to be nice to the other team.

Breaking Dad

  • Billy and Nora (also Barb) try to get the squirrels out of their house.

Season 2

Thunder Van

  • Nora and Billy are hiding in the van.
  • Nora and Billy (also the Thunder Twins) think they are going to die.

Four Supes and a Baby

  • Nora and Billy are grounded for playing laser-tag around the house and destroying a lot of stuff.
  • Max uses Billy and Nora to crack his safe.
  • Phoebe takes them to the park so that she can be with Dylan.

Max's Minions

  • Phoebe uses Billy and Nora to help her do her chores.
  • Billy and Nora think they are doing superhero training.
  • Nora helps Billy realize they're being tricked by Phoebe and comes up with a plan to teach Phoebe a lesson.

Pheebs Will Rock You

  • Nora and Billy are both bullied by Morgan for not having a dad with a cool job.
  • Nora is concerned when Billy accidentally says their dad is a superhero.

Haunted Thundermans

  • Nora and Billy are dressed for Halloween
  • They hang out with Frankie Hathaway for Halloween trick-or-treat.

Shred It Go

  • Nora is jealous of Billy playing with the shredder more than her.
  • Nora saves Billy's life from the Shreddy.

Blue Detective

  • Hank and Barb use Billy and Nora to get them stuff from Splatburger.
  • Nora and Billy are the top suspects in Max and Phoebe's investigation.

Cheer and Present Danger

  • Nora and Billy attract cats into their backyard by giving them food.

Change of Art

Winter Thunderland

  • In the alternate future, Billy is evil while Nora is good.
  • Max's turning point is when Billy hurts Nora in the alternate future by taking her last bow.

Parents Just Don't Thunderstand

  • Billy and Nora go to Metroburg with Cousin Blobbin.
  • They help Blobbin get a dog by pretending to be his kids.
  • Both Nora and Billy eat spazzberries causing them to be hyper-energized.
  • At the end, Hank and Barb say Billy and Nora are the only kids who didn't wipe their brain.

Meet the Evilmans

  • Nora and Billy play with a helicopter meant for their neighbor.
  • Billy and Nora break the helicopter and keep it a secret.

The Neverfriending Story

  • Nora unfreezes Billy using her Heat Vision.
  • Billy and Nora fill the house with pit balls.
  • To fool the delivery guy, Nora and Billy pretend to be Barb by stepping on each other and covering themselves to look like one person.

You've Got Fail

  • Nora and Billy help Max make a epic fail video.
  • Billy gets poison ivy and spreads it to Nora by giving her a "high-five."

Doubles Trouble

  • Billy and Nora make money by doing a lemonade stand.
  • Nora helps Billy's lemonade stand attract customers by bringing in Dr. Colosso as a mechanical fortune teller.
  • Nora is excited that they are making money, but Billy isn't because nobody is buying anything from the lemonade stand.
  • Nora gives Billy 10 bucks because his new way of making money is to take the blame.

Who's Your Mommy

  • Billy and Nora sacrifice their favorite stuff.
  • Nora agrees to sell her bows only because Billy sold his favorite action figure.

The Amazing Rat Race

  • Billy agrees to turn back into a human only because Nora is afraid of rats and he doesn't want to lose her.
  • Nora saves Billy the rat before the Rat Man takes him away despite her fear of rats.

Mall Time Crooks

  • It's Nora's turn to explain things to Billy.
  • Nora helps Billy learn by giving him treats like a dog.
  • Billy and Nora are stuck at home doing gift-wrapping decorations and doing the cake.

It's Not What You Link

  • Billy and Nora discover Hank's secret "man cave" and help keep it a secret if he lets them hang out inside.
  • Barb rescues Nora and Billy (and Hank) from the man cave.

Cape Fear

  • Billy and Nora want to beat Hank's record of camping three nights outside.
  • They sleep in a tent together.
  • None of them believes Max is getting the superhero cape.
  • They both lose the bet to Hank after Max falls from above.

Call of Lunch Duty

  • Nora and Billy get paranoid after watching a video about aliens.
  • They start spying on people to find out if they're aliens.
  • Both Billy and Nora think Mrs. Wong is an alien.

One Hit Thunder

  • Billy and Nora want to get back at Dr. Colosso for pooping in their shoes.
  • They are forced to treat Dr. Colosso nicely because their parents say they shouldn't stoop to a supervillian level.

The Girl with the Dragon Snafu

  • Billy and Nora think they can run the house better than Hank and Barb.
  • Hank and Barb are worried that Nora and Billy are going to win the bet; so they sabotage the kids.
  • Despite Nora's urge, Billy feels guilty about lying to their parents; so he reveals that they were using superheroes from Metroburg to help.

A Hero Is Born

  • Billy asks Nora how she got Hank to build her a playhouse.
    • Nora said it was because of her cuteness
  • Billy and Nora go to the baby store and to buy things for the new baby.
  • Nora asks Billy to pretend to be her dad so that she can participate in the cutest baby contests.
  • Billy helps Nora accept having a baby in the family by telling her that he loves and thinks she is still cute.
  • Billy and Nora hug.
  • Billy reveals that when Nora was born he shipped her to Abu Dhabi.

Season 3

Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel

  • Nora knows that Billy didn't take the super bug.
  • Nora is worried about Billy turning into a flamingo and asks him to tell their parents, or else she will.

On The Straight And Arrow

  • Nora and Billy make their parents think it's Saturday when it is actually a Thursday.
  • Once again Nora and Billy step on each and pretend to be one person so that they can full their parents that it was their gardener.
  • They both get grounded after lying and waking up Chloe.

Why You Buggin'?

Billy and Nora's Bedroom

Nora and Billy's Bedroom

  • Nora and Billy share the same bedroom from now on after giving one of their bedrooms to Chloe.
  • When Billy is scared at night, he calls Nora to help
  • Billy and Nora think there is a monster in their bedroom.
  • Nora and Billy sleep on the couch together after the monster scares them.
  • They find out Chloe's doll is the monster.

Exit Stage Theft

  • Billy gets jealous when Nora hangs with Chloe more than her.
  • Billy creates a fake friend called "Luigi Marinara" to trick Nora into thinking he has friends and doesn't need her.
  • Nora tells Billy that even though she wants to hang out with Chloe doesn't mean she doesn't like Billy too.
  • Nora and Billy hug.

Are You Afraid of the Park?

  • Billy is excited that Nora is tall enough for them to finally go to ride Thunder Man the Ride together.
  • Max and Phoebe sabotage the trip to the park by using Telekinesis to trick Nora and Billy into fighting.
  • During the fight, Billy moves out of his shared bedroom with Nora into Max's Lair.
  • Nora calls Phoebe the "new Billy" and starts playing laser tag with her against Phoebe's will.
  • Nora and Billy apologize to each other.
  • They agree that they can't do things without each other because it's always more fun when they do it together.
  • They get back at the Thunder Twins by tricking them into riding the scary Thunder Man the Ride.
  • Both Billy and Nora realize the ride is too scary, even for them.

Evil Never Sleeps

  • Billy and Nora each want Chloe to dress like them.
  • They both apologize to Chloe for trying to change her look
  • To prove that they are sorry, Chloe gets them to dress like her.


  • Nora and Billy want to hang out with Phoebe and Max but the twins don't want to hang out with them.
  • The Thunder Twins promise Billy and Nora that they are going to the water park with them.
  • Billy and Nora are stranded at the Gamefest after Max and Phoebe ditch them.
  • They are taken by twins called Matt and Fifi, who look at a lot like Max and Phoebe.
  • Nora and Billy refuse to let Max and Phoebe inside the game room as a punishment for ditching them.
  • They are both chosen to participate in the live action version of Cybron's new game, "Spitballs."
  • Billy and Nora rescued by Phoebe and Max after realizing that they had been set up by Fifi and Matt.
  • Phoebe and Max apologize to Billy and Nora for not wanting to hangout together.
  • Nora and Billy take advantage of the twins' guilt to get them to buy them stuff.
  • Nora says she likes the new smart Billy before realizing that he's repeating the same line.

Floral Support

  • Billy and Nora try to hide the secret that Chloe gave herself a haircut after they left the scissors unattended.
  • They are about to confess what they did wrong, but then Barb and Hank take the blame.

Give Me A Break Up

  • Nora and Billy go to Splatburger with Max and he shares his special soup with them.
  • They help Max with a cooking contest but they mess up on live T.V.

No Country for Old Mentors

  • Both Billy and Nora lose their stuff that Barb recently bought them.
  • They start blackmailing Barb after realizing that she lost and replaced her stuff too.
  • Nora and Billy (also Barb) promise not to tell Hank about buying replacements for their lost items.

Date Expectations

  • Nora and Billy say they're both old enough to babysit Chloe but their parents get Blobbin to help because of Chloe's teleportations.
  • When Chloe disappears, they (and Blobbin) panic, thinking Chloe went to outer space.

He Got Game Night

  • Nora and Billy are in the same team for family game night.
  • They both sneak into Max's Lair to use his new machine that makes him smarter so that they can cheat.
  • Billy helps hide the secret until he figures out a way to restore Nora back to normal.
  • Nora and Billy lost the game after Max reveals that they cheated.

Kiss Me Nate

  • Nora and Billy want Hank to build them a playhouse.
  • Nora shows Billy a plan to get two playhouses by tricking Hank and Barb into competing.
  • They both get grounded for tricking their parents.

Dog Day After-School

  • Billy and Nora want to babysit Cousin Blobbin's dog, Doggin.
  • They accidentally get their mom's tablet confiscated by their teacher.
  • Both Nora and Billy reveal that they (and Max) call Phoebe "Mom Junior."

Original Prankster

  • Nora and Billy are mad at Mrs. Wong for burning their ball while playing outside.
  • Phoebe tries to get them to be nice to Mrs. Wong.

Chutes and Splatters

  • Billy and Nora want a pet; so they decide to babysit Dr. Colosso
  • Nora decides that they no longer want a pet after Dr. Colosso tricks them into overfeeding him.

I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka

  • Billy brings Owen in to play with Nora.

Beat The Parents

  • Nora and Billy show Chloe a TV show called Hootie The Owl but realize that it has a bad influence on kids.

Can't Spy Me Love

  • Billy and Nora play Ninja Burners together and Max asks them to train him.
  • They are both upset when Max ditches them so that he can perform alone.
  • They tell Max that he will get a ninja curse.

Robin Hood: Prince of Pheebs

  • Nora doesn't like Billy eating salami at first but she eventually starts eating the salami herself.

Aunt Misbehavin'

  • Hank trusts Nora and Billy to keep the birthday cake safe.
  • Chloe eats the cake so Billy and Nora go to get another cake from a bakery store.

Stealing Home

Stealing home - nora and billy
  • Billy and Nora (and Barb) want to win so they can go on a Splatburger commercial.
  • Barb attacks Billy and Nora with her Electrokinesis power to get them to drop out of the contest.
  • Billy says this is the first time he's seen Nora's hair without a bow.

Back To School

  • Billy votes for Nora to become the "president of important stuff" in the house.
  • Billy doesn't know how to spell Nora's name.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

  • Both Nora and Billy want to start training to become superheroes after Phoebe's success as ThunderGirl.
  • They take the superhero aptitude test together.
  • Nora feels bad for Billy for failing the test; so she swaps the scores making Billy think he did well.
  • Nora saves people at the park, letting Billy take the credit.
  • On realizing that Billy has gone too far, Nora tells Billy the truth about swapping the scores because she didn't want to hurt his feelings.
  • Both of their powers (and their parents' powers) are taken by Max.
  • When the powers are restored, Billy gets Nora's Heat Vision but wants to return them because he doesn't believe in himself.
  • Billy saves Nora from Fairy Pinch-ess and Nora thanks him.
  • They work together to get people to safety.
  • This is the first time that Nora and Billy use their powers to fight villains and save people.

Season 4

Thundermans: Banished!

  • Both Billy and Nora become very popular on social media after being exposed as superheroes.
    • They both have get big fandoms.
    • Noranators - Nora's fandom
    • Billyvers - Billy's fandom
  • Nora and Billy start signing merchandise including Nora's Bows to acknowledge the fans.
  • They host a huge ThunderCon (a superhero convention for their fans) but the fans turn against each other and refuse to acknowledge that both Nora and Billy are equally good.
  • They both run away after the fight break.
  • Both Billy and Nora easily warm up to Candi Falconman. Nora wants to be her sidekick and Billy wants to be her boyfriend.
  • After being banished, Billy and Nora try to help Chloe cope with the change by trying to recreate some of her favorite things in Hiddenville.

Smells Like Team Spirit

  • Nora says Billy is gullible which Dr. Colosso uses to take advantage of Billy.
  • Nora enlists Chloe to help get back at Dr. Colosso for tricking Billy into stealing vegetables for him.
  • Nora defends Billy saying that he's only "gullible" because he has a kind heart and loves to help people.

Date of Emergency

  • Nora and Billy work together to serve Cousin Blobbin, hoping that he will give them a lot of money if they pass the "rich people" test.

Orange is the New Max

  • Billy and Nora are playing a game together on their phones and instead of being competitive, they even share insects.
  • When Barb and Hank hide their smartphones, Nora and Billy come up with a plan to sabotage their parents by hiding the TV.

Ditch Perfect

  • Both Billy and Nora have fun exchanging funny comedy lines.
  • Nora wants to perform their comedy act with Billy at Splatburger's Splaturday Night Live but Billy has stage fright.
  • Billy says Nora thinks of him as her hero - but Colosso laughs at it.
  • Dr. Colosso advices Billy to sabotage Nora by refusing to perform but Billy tries to perform anyway but he ends up freezing and running away.
  • Nora helps Billy cope with his stage fright and comforts him by assuring him that he's not letting her down.

May Z-Force Be With You

  • Nora is impressed when Billy thinks of an idea to get the Whoa Grow before her telling him - though it turns out Billy wanted to use it for a completely different purpose.
  • They both start growing old after contacting the Whoa Grow.
  • They both cover their heads with gardening pots to hide their gray hair.

21 Dump Street

  • Nora and Billy officially start their superhero training together after convincing their parents by re-enacting how they defeating Fairy Pinch-ess in Thundermans: Secret Revealed.
  • Nora convinces Billy that they should turn up the Crime Buddy to Meanie-Meanie level, causing the Crime Buddy to turn against both of them.

Super Dupers

  • Nora and Billy play "rock-paper-lasers," a version of "rock-paper-scissors" and Nora keeps winning because lasers always win.
  • After destroying the Thunder Monitor, Nora and Billy work together to keep their parents distracted while Dr. Colosso is fixing it.
  • Nora convinces Billy to act like he knows nothing about what happened to the Thunder Monitor. So, they both respond to parents questions by asking back the exact same question.



  • Billy and Nora both go to Hiddenville Elementary School.
  • They have one superpower each.
  • Nora and Billy are both scared of Thunder Man: The Ride.
  • They sleep in the same room.
  • Both Billy and Nora enjoy dressing up Dr. Colosso.


  • Nora is very smart (like Phoebe and Max) but Billy is not.
  • Billy is very polite and nice to people; Nora likes hurting people.
  • Billy is 2 years older than Nora.
  • Nora can keep a secret, but Billy can't.
  • Nora likes castles, but Billy doesn't.


Output 0aJDJX
  • Billy thinks Nora as his best friend.
  • Nora plays Laser Tag with Billy.


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