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William Kent "Billy" Thunderman is a main character on The Thundermans. He is the middle child and the youngest son of the Barb and Hank Thunderman. Billy is portrayed by Diego Velazquez.

Billy, like the rest of the Thundermans, has superpowers and is aspiring to become a superhero. His super power is Super-Speed.


Billy was born mid-air on the way to Metroburg Hospital as revealed in the episode, A Hero Is Born. This could explain why he is not as smart as the rest of the family. He moved to Hiddenville with the rest of the Thundermans and enrolled in Hiddenville Elementary School with his sister Nora.

Billy not the smartest kid but Nora helps him figure things out, both in school and at home. In Mall Time Crooks, it's revealed that the Thundermans take turn in explaining things to Billy. After Billy's fight with Nora in Are You Afraid of the Park?, Billy uses Max to feed him thoughts.

In Adventures in Supersitting, it is revealed that Billy doesn't have other friends besides Nora and this has been repeated multiple times through out the series. Billy worries about losing Nora in Paging Dr. Thunderman, when he thought Nora was transferring to another school because he would have no one to play with. In Exit Stage Theft, Billy makes up a fake friend called "Luigi Marinara" when he gets jealous of Nora spending more time with Chloe than him.

Billy has had multiple life-threatening moments. He almost dies Thundersense; after bouncing on a trampoline with his Super-Speed and getting stuck on a breaking gutter on the roof. Luckily, Phoebe saves him. In Shred It Go, Billy almost got shredded by the shredder machine until Nora came in to save him.

The Thunder Twins turn Billy into a rat in The Amazing Rat Race so that he can win a rat race for them. However, he enjoys being a rat more than being a human and therefore refuses to turn back to human. He only accepts to turn back to human after realizing that Nora is afraid of rats. During the flamingo-flu season in Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel, Billy starts to turn into a flamingo because he's afraid of taking the super bug. But with Chloe's help, he gains the courage to take the bug.

In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Billy fails the Hero League aptitude test, getting only 22% because he answered "triangle" for everything. Nora feels bad for him and swaps her high score with Billy's, making him think he is very smart. But when Nora realizes that he is at risk of hurting himself, she tells him the truth. This, in addition to Max taking away his powers, makes Billy think that he will never be a superhero. After the superpowers are restored, Billy gets Nora's Heat Vision but doesn't want them because he thinks he's not cut to be a superhero. However, when the supervillain Fairy Pinch-ess captures Nora, Billy gets the courage and saves Nora. He then helps get the rest of the people to safety.

In Smells Like Team Spirit, it is revealed that Billy is easily gullible. Dr. Colosso uses this to take advantage of Billy and make him steal fresh vegetables for him. Nora later helps him figure out that Dr. Colosso is using him and they work together with Chloe to get back on Colosso.


Billy stands out from the rest of the Thundermans family in that he is down-to-earth, sweet, polite, friendly, nice and kind to people. Billy may not be as smart as the rest but he is always cheerful and optimistic. While his siblings are manipulative and competitive, Billy tries to help them and agree to their plans. Phoebe, Max and Nora often take advantage of his sweetness to make him do things for them. Billy has a hard time keeping secrets and ends up exposing them accidentally, most of the time.


Nora Thunderman

Main Article: Billy and Nora

  • Nora Thunderman - Nora is Billy's younger sister, and even though Nora constantly shoots lasers at Billy and sometimes is annoyed, they have a good relationship. Billy thinks of Nora as his best friend. When Nora was accepted in a different school, Billy was devastated until he found out that she was not going to attend anymore.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super-Speed: Billy has the power to move at extraordinary physical speed.
  • Cyclone Spinning: It is shown in Haunted Thundermans that Billy can spin in a cyclone like manner.
  • True Sight: As a Superhero he has the power to see and hear ghosts. (Haunted Thundermans)

Temporary Power:

  • Heat Vision: Billy accidentally gets Nora's main powers instead of his when Max returned his power with a short-circuit orb.


  • He only has 3 powers.
  • He can't keep a secret; only because he isn't so bright.
  • He thinks castles are lame.
  • He has an imaginary friend named Walter (Up Up and Vacay).
  • Originally, when they were creating the show, his name was going to be Oliver.
  • He can't read very well.
  • Thinks his older brother Max is a fun sponge (Four Supes and a Baby).
  • His best friend is his little sister Nora.
  • He was born in midair.
  • He doesn't usually wear underwear as mentioned in multiple episodes including He Got Game Night, One Hit Thunder.
  • He has the ability to also control his bladder Stealing Home


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