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William Kent "Billy" Thunderman is one of the main characters in The Thundermans. He is portrayed by Diego Velazquez.


Billy is all about taking the road straight to superhero status, which explains why his best friend might as well be his Junior Superhero Handbook. It's just too bad that his hyperactive nature kicks his super-speed into turbo, making things a little difficult. He's dimwitted, but is a happy, cheerful, and sweet natured kid.


Nora Thunderman

Main Article: Bora

  • Nora Thunderman - Nora is Billy's younger sister, and even though Nora constantly shoots lasers at Billy and sometimes is annoyed, they have a good relationship. Billy thinks of Nora as his best friend. When Nora was accepted in a different school, Billy was devastated until he found out that she was not going to attend anymore.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Speed: Billy has the power to move at extraordinary physical speed.
  • Cyclone Spinning: It is shown in Haunted Thundermans that Billy can spin in a cyclone like manner.
  • True Sight: As a Superhero he has the power to see and hear ghosts.(Haunted Thundermans)


  • He only has 2 powers.
  • He can't keep a secret; only because he isn't so bright.
  • He thinks castles are lame.
  • He has an imaginary friend named Walter (Up Up and Vacay).
  • Originally, when they were creating the show, his name was going to be Oliver.
  • He can't read very well.
  • Thinks his older brother Max is a fun sponge (Four Supes and a Baby).
  • His best friend is his little sister Nora.
  • He was born in midair.


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