Beat the Parents is the nineteenth episode of Season 3 of The Thundermans and the sixth-fourth overall. It premiered on July 16, 2016 to 1.51 million viewers.



Max is nervous about meeting his girlfriend's parents, so he seeks Phoebe's help to try and win them over.

Main Plot

Allison and Max are watching a hockey game at the Thundermans house when Allison gets another text from her parents asking her why they are not watching the game with the parents. She asks Max if he is afraid to meet the parents and he admits that he doesn't know how to act nice around adults. He is a rebel. Allison's parents text again saying that they have a grand opening for their gym and they want Max to attend. If he doesn't show up, they will forbid Allison from seeing Max anymore.

Max comes up with crazy excuses to get out of meeting the parents but Allison can't fall for any of it. Max then asks for Phoebe's help to go meet Allison's parents with him. Phoebe would then do all the talking and since they're twins, the parents would think Max is nice too. Phoebe says she will help only because Allison single-handedly cut down Max's pranking by 40% in Original Prankster. She also says she is good with dad jokes.

The following day, Max and Phoebe arrive at the gym grand-opening to meet Allison's parents. Phoebe does some research on MMA lingo in order to be able to hold a conversation with the parents. Allison meets them but is surprised to see Phoebe along. The parents greet Max but he can't talk to them to avoid insulting them. So, he lets Phoebe do all the talking as they planned.

Allison's parents demand to talk to Max but Phoebe wants to distract them by showing them her moves. She accidentally kicks Max, making everyone else fall. The guests say the gym is weak and leave. This frustrates Allison's dad. He kicks the Thunder Twins out of the gym for ruining his grand opening. He tells Allison to never see Max again.

Back at their house, Phoebe tells Max that she can help him get Allison back because she feels sorry. Max refuses to accept Phoebe's help and goes to face the parents. He still doesn't want to talk to them. So, he uses flashcards claiming that he has laryngitis and can't talk. He says he's sorry and wants Allison back. He also says Phoebe isn't his sister. She was raised by a pack of wolves and has gone back to the wolf family and they will never see her again. Suddenly, Phoebe enters the gym. Max forgets and talks, confronting Phoebe. When they ask him, he shows a flashcard saying laryngitis comes and goes. Phoebe apologizes and accepts to fight an MMA fighter, Crazy Daisy, to convince people that the gym is awesome and earn forgiveness.

Allison finds Max in the gym and asks why he's back there and why Phoebe is the one fighting for their relationship. She says Max should be the one fighting for their love, not Phoebe. Max agrees to try. He apologizes to the parents and expresses how much he loves Allison. Allison is impressed that Max was able to talk to them without insulting them. But her father refuses. Allison stands up for Max because he's a good boyfriend. The parents give in and let them date. Max tells Phoebe she can end the fight now since he's won Allison back. Phoebe beats Crazy Daisy, making the guests admit that the gym is in fact good.

Sub Plot

When the rest of the family comes back from dinner, Hank has super hiccups, which make their house shake and destroy stuff. Chloe puts on "Cutesy Cow" cartoon on TV and asks them to watch along with her. However, Nora and Billy say the cartoon is lame and not as good as their animal hero, "Hootie the Owl" they used to watch back when they were little kids. Hootie was cool and played by his own rules. Barb says that she's hidden Hootie the Owl because it wasn't good for the kids. But Billy quickly super-speeds and finds the box with the DVDs.

When the parents are out, Billy and Nora put on Hootie the Owl and Chloe loves Hootie's dance and catchphrase, "Hootie don't care!" When Hootie harasses a grandma, Billy and Nora realize that the show is actually bad and not as they remembered it. Chloe thinks it's funny. Hootie steals candy. Billy admits that they shouldn't have shown it to Chloe. Chloe starts singing Hootie's theme song as "Chloe don't care!" She starts teleporting around and knocking off and breaking things.

Billy and Nora are running against time to fix Chloe before the parents find out. Chloe blows up something in Max's lair. Nora calls Chloe and confronts her about her behavior. Chloe gets angry and says that was a mistake. She teleports Nora and Billy out. She locks them out and says, "Chloe don't care!" When Hank and Barb hear it, Hank gets shocked and distracted, he falls from his upside down exercise. This causes his hiccups to stop. However, they still can't get back into the house until Chloe lets them in. Whenever they try reasoning with her, she gives them a phone call saying, "Chloe don't care."

Hank feels a super-sneeze. Barb holds on to a tree but Billy and Nora don't hold onto anything. The kids get blown away by the sneeze. Chloe comes out and admits that she was worried about her family, and Billy and Nora who are stuck on the garage door after being blown by Hank's super sneeze.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Chris Jerico as Gary
  • Cate Cohen as Debbie



  • This was the twenty-sixth and final episode that was filmed this season.
    • Coincidentally, the new Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn episode that premiered right after this episode was also the twenty-sixth and final episode that was filmed in that season.
  • Production for this episode concluded on February 26, 2016.
  • This episode guest stars World-Class Fighter, Chris Jerico.
  • This episode introduced Allison's parents.