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Shocked to see me?!

— Electress

Barbara "Barb" Thunderman (née McBooger) is a main character on the Thundermans. She is a retired superhero from Metroburg formerly known by her superhero name, "Electress." She moved her family to Hiddenville in order to raise the kids and live a normal life. Barb is portrayed by Rosa Blasi.

Barb is the mother of the Thunder Twins (Phoebe and Max Thunderman) as well as their younger siblings Billy, Nora and Chloe. She is the wife of Hank Thunderman, who is also a retired superhero.


Barb was born in Metroburg with superpowers but didn't know that she had her superpowers until the day she met Hank Thunderman. After Barb and Hank's first kiss, her Electrokinesis powers activated resulting in sparks fly and huge power surge as revealed in Parents Just Don't Thunderstand.

Barb went on to become the famous superhero, "Electress" and saved a lot of people. In order to bring up their kids like a normal family, Barb retired and moved to Hiddenville with her family. She quickly left behind her superhero life, unlike Hank. She doesn't talk much about the superhero stories as explored in the episode, Who's Your Mommy.

In A Hero Is Born, Barb gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl, Chloe Thunderman.

In Aunt Misbehavin', Barb had to finally deal with her sister, Mandy, with whom they had not talked for years. Max and Phoebe tracked down Aunt Mandy as a surprise birthday present for her mom, only to realize that they were enemies. She apologized to Mandy for bailing on their breakdance duo gig "Electric McBooger Babes" back in high school.

In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Barb loses her powers when Max took them away. Upon restoration, she gets Billy's Super-Speed and uses it to fight the villains.


Electress Merchandise

Electress Merchandise

Barb's superhero name is "Electress" as mentioned in several episodes and explored deeply in Who's Your Mommy. This section shows all the known things about Barb's life as Electress.

Note: Electress is often misspelled as "Electriss" but as seen in Electress comics and merchandise from Who's Your Mommy, the correct spelling is "Electress."

Electress has a super-charged electric whip that she used to fight criminals with as shown in Who's Your Mommy when Max accidentally sells the whip to a fan of Electress along with other Electress merchandise. When the whip is in the wrong hands, it could explode.

Back in Metroburg, Electress used to run "Take It From Electress" safety commercials for using electricity as shown in Mall Time Crooks. All the commercials used to end with "Paid for by Superheroes for Safety." Examples:

  • Take it from Electress - electrical charges are no laughing matter. Use your dome. Protect your home.
  • Take it from Electress - if you "charge" into electrical situations, you may be "shocked" by what happens, and that's what's up.
  • Take it from Electress - cramming too many plugs into a socket isn't cool.
  • Take it from Electress - before leaving home, make sure you turn off the lights because wasting electricity megahertz us all.
Electress Medical Drama

Electress Medical Drama

In Stealing Home, it is revealed that Barb used to star in a hit Electress medical drama in Metroburg called "Superstrong Medicine" in which she revived patients with her superpowers.


No one tries to look for ways to fit in with the other families more than Barb. All she wants is for her family is to live as ordinary life as possible. While she has the ability to control both light and lightning when needed, she's perfectly okay with leaving her hectic superhero life behind her. Barb is also apparently a bit suggestible as she often adopts the methods of self-help books, usually ending in problems. She is also a bad cook, something her family is aware of. Barb is cranky and she gets extremely aggressive when she is pregnant.

She is a very committed mom. She loves all children but is stern on her children when needed.

Powers and Abilities

  • Electrokinesis - Barb can shape, create and manipulate electricity with her finger tips.
  • Photokinesis - She is able to control and generate light.
  • Technokinesis - Also she can control the technological devices.
  • Thundersense - She has the ability to sense danger before it occurs. However, it is not always specific enough to tell what the danger is (Thundersense).
  • True Sight: As a Superhero she has the power to see and hear ghosts.(Haunted Thundermans)

Temporary Power:

  • Super-Speed: Barb has Super Speed after the orb switched her powers.


  • She and Hank caught tumble fever when they went undercover to catch someone at the circus. (Dog Day After-School)
    • They call themselves The Tumblemens.
  • Her name was originally going to be killer.
  • When she reads Phoebe's blogs and Barb comments, her username is ProudMama978.
  • Steam with electric sparks comes out of her ears when she's angry.
  • Barb stands for Barbara (Up, Up, and Vacay; Patch Me If You Can, and Weird Science Fair)
  • She was raised in a barn (Four Supes and a Baby).
  • She can play the guitar (Pheebs Will Rock You).
  • She got her thundersense at 17 years old.
  • Out of the entire family, Barb uses her powers the least.
  • Barb and her sister Mandy were part of a struggling breakdance duo called the "Electric McBooger Babes".
  • In Better Off Wed Barb Thundermen's full name was explained


Here is the full image gallery for Barb Thunderman. It may be viewed here.

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