Behold the gadget that turns people into animals. The "people-to-animals switcherooni ray"!

The Animalizer is a gadget used by the Thundermans to turn humans into animals and vice-versa. It was invented by Dr. Colosso but later used against him.


The animalizer was invented by Dr. Colosso and he used to call it the "people-to-animals switcherooni ray" before Barb suggested calling it just "The Animalizer." later, Thunder Man defeated Dr. Colosso and used the Animalizer to turn Colosso into a bunny.

Season 2

The Amazing Rat Race

Max and Phoebe use the Animalizer to turn Billy into a rat in order to win a rat race to settle an argument for Max's Band. This is the first time we see the animalizer used onscreen. Phoebe had discovered where the Animalizer is stored when she was looking for snacks and chose to pick a can of brussels sprouts. At the end, they use it to turn Billy back to human again.

A Hero Is Born

Animalizer - colosso

The Animalizer - Max Turns Colosso Human

In the one hour special, Max uses the animalizer to turn Colosso human so that he can accompany him to accept his villain award. The award turns out to be a trap by King Crab. After betraying Max and later choosing Max's side, Colosso automatically turns back into a bunny. Max reveals that he had set a timer on the animalizer.

Season 3

He Got Game Night

During the family game night, Phoebe turns Colosso human using the animalizer so that together they can defeat Max and Allison. Colosso goes by "Uncle Colosso" because Allison is around. When Allison leaves the room, Barb turns Colosso back into a bunny.

Dog Day After-School

Max uses the Animalizer to turn a raccoon into a human

In Dog Day After-School, it is revealed that the animalizer can also change animals (that were never humans) into humans. Max turns a raccoon into a man to test the machine.

Phoebe then uses animalizer to turn Cousin Blobbin's dog Doggin into a woman, pretending to be Barb so that she could get Barb's tablet back after it's confiscated from Nora and Billy by their teacher.

This time it's revealed that Hank had started using face recognition to hide the animalizer from the Max and Phoebe. However, the security wasn't accurate enough as it could be unlocked by an ugly face drawn on Max's belly.

Season 4

Better Off Wed

It is revealed that the Animalizer was invented by Dr. Colosso back in Metroburg and he introduced it during Barb McBooger and Hank Thunderman's wedding. He used to call it "The People-To-Animals Switcherooni Ray" but Barb suggested just calling it "The Animalizer." After that, Dr. Colosso used the Animalizer to turn Barb and Hank into goats. The Hero League helped turn the Thundermans back to humans. After that, Hank and Barb hunted Dr. Colosso and used the Animalizer on him to turn him into a bunny.

In 2017, Phoebe and Max throw their parents a wedding since Dr. Colosso ruined the first one. When Dr. Colosso, disappears, the Thunder Twins check the animalizer to make sure that it's still safe. Max discovers that Phoebe has security access to the Animalizer cabinet after the updated security. Dr. Colosso jumps into the cabinet and uses the animalizer to turn himself human. After that, he crushes Phoebe and Max's fake wedding. He uses the Animalizer on the kids. He turns Max into a pig, Phoebe into a duck, Billy into a tortoise and Nora into a horse. He tries to turn their parents into goats again but Electress defeats him. She then turns him back into a bunny and turns the kids back to human with the animalizer.

Known Victims


  • It's stored under the kitchen counter
  • The Animalizer was created by Dr. Colosso
  • The Animalizer was named by Barb Thunderman
  • The Animalizer has some errors like Nora has her horse tail


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4