Dance, dance I say!

— Nora to Billy

Adventures in Supersitting is the first episode of Season 1 and the series of The Thundermans


Phoebe and Max Thunderman are twins in a family of superheroes. When their parents go out for dinner they leave Phoebe and Max incharge. After Phoebe invites her best friend Cherry over, she accidently exposes her superpowers while trying to stop an argument between her younger siblings Nora and Billy are sister and brother.


Thundermans at Dinner Table

A fourteen year old girl, Phoebe Thunderman brings dinner to the table. Seated right to where Phoebe is standing is her twin brother, Max Thunderman who hopes to become a super-villain one day. Next to Max is their little brother Billy and their youngest sister Nora Thunderman wearing a pink bow. To Nora's right are their parents Barb and Hank Thunderman. These are the Thundermans - a family of superheroes who recently moved from Metroburg to Hiddenville to live a normal life as a suburban family.

Max vs Phoebe - Cake

Barb says it's good to eat dinner as a normal family. Phoebe opens up the raw turkey dish and tells Nora, "hit it sis!" Nora uses her heat vision power to cook the turkey in just a matter of seconds. Phoebe uses her telekinesis power to get forks to the dinner table. Billy super-speeds to the fridge to get the lemonade. Max uses his telekinesis to grab dessert. Phoebe won't let Max have it because the dessert cake is for later. So, she stands up and uses her telekinesis to pull the cake towards her. The Thunder Twins with their superpowers for some time until Max releases the cake, hoping it would fall on Phoebe's face but Phoebe ducks, letting the cake hit the wall. Billy freaks out about the cake. Hank then grabs him with his superstrength and suspends him in the air. He asks the kids for once to eat dinner like a normal family without using their superpowers. He then puts Billy down. Afterwards, he realizes that he is missing his Peruvian sauce. Now he has to fly to Peru to get the sauce. He stands up, says "Thunderman Away..." and flies through the ceiling, leaving broken pieces on the floor. Max says it's never not funny before revealing to Phoebe that he had been hiding the sauce this whole time. This is a normal dinner at the Thundermans house.

Max and Phoebe Forced to Babysit

Phoebe and Max Forced to Babysit

The next day, Phoebe is on the phone with her new friend Cherry planning for a girls' night. Billy wonders why Phoebe is so excited about having a friend. She and Max already have more powers than Billy and Nora. What do they need friends for. Nora then makes fun of Billy for not having friends. Phoebe asks them to be nice and love siblings. Except Max - he's evil. Max puts his arm around Phoebe and asks her, where is the love? Phoebe replies that their love died when he beheaded her dolls when she was five. Max excuses himself to go to his lair to do evil stuff. He opens a slide on the living room that leads to the basement. But Hank and Barb make stop him and start making fun of Max's Lair. Hank tells the kids that he is taking their mother out for dinner, Max and Phoebe will be in charge. Phoebe tells Billy and Nora to behave and not listen to their brother then walks towards the door. Barb stops her by sending an electric shockwave to the door using her Electriss superpower. She tells Max and Phoebe that they're not going anywhere. They have to babysit. Phoebe tells them about her plans with Cherry and Max tells them his plans of not babysitting. The parents refuse to listen. Phoebe asks them to get a neighbor to babysit but the parents are concerned that Billy and Nora would expose their powers. Nora and Billy don't help Phoebe's argument when they start playing "laser tag" where Nora uses her heat vision as lasers to zap Billy's feet. Barb reminds the kids that they can't risk exposing their powers because they left the crime-fighting job to leave a normal life.
Max Texting Like Phoebe

Left alone with the kids, Max wonders how he is going to become a super-villain if he has to sit at home babysitting Lasergirl and Billy. He then comes up with an idea to use Billy and Nora in his latest project. He tells Phoebe that she deserves to have her girls night as he babysits the kids. Max asks Phoebe to bring Cherry over but Phoebe reminds him of the number 1 one rule: no non-supes in the house. Phoebe refuses and plans to call Cherry and cancel. But Max manipulates her by scaring her that if she doesn't hangout with Cherry, Cherry will find a new best friend and leave Phoebe alone with her loneliness. Phoebe falls for Max's plan. He asks Billy and Nora to behave. Before texting Cherry to come over, Max telekinetically takes away the phone from her. He then writes the text message on behalf of Phoebe in a very texting style. Phoebe is surprised that Max wrote exactly what she would have written.

Billy and Nora Working for Max
Max asks Nora and Billy to follow him through the slide into the lair. Billy goes first and lands on Max's bed in the basement. Nora slides and falls on Billy. Max asks them not to touch anything then walks away. The kids decide to touch stuff. Billy finds a button that says "Press here to destroy Pluto." He presses the button. A planet explodes from the solar system. Billy thinks the button did nothing. Nora then finds Dr. Colosso's cage in the lair. She opens it and they both scream at each other for a long time before the bunny asks Nora to close it. Max then comes back and asks the kids to help him curve his initials on the moon. Billy uses his superspeed to power up the machine while Nora uses her heat vision to curve on the moon. Nora and Billy agree that Max is the best babysitter ever.
Hank Thunderman as Thunderman at a Birthday Party
Meanwhile, Hank and Barb's dinner turns into a birthday party entertainment when one of the caterers reveals that the "Thunderman" they had hired did not show up. Hank steps in to play Thunderman since people will think that he's just a normal entertainer and not the actual Thunderman. It turns out he already had the Thundermans costumes under his clothes. Hank even uses his superstrength in public and claims that the people at he party will think he's just using props. When a kid asks him to fly he just falls over and they're satisfied that the Thunderman can fly. Barb worries that Hank is too careless and could easily expose them. Luckily, no one thinks he's the real Thunderman.

Back at the house, the Thunder Monitor announces that a non-supe is approaching. Phoebe puts the Thunder Monitor back into its place, then presses a button on a penguin that swaps the Thundermans superhero portrait on the wall with another photo where they're not wearing superhero costumes. She then runs to the door to open for Cherry. Cherry comes in all excited. She is glad to finally see the Thundermans house. It's not like Phoebe was hiding it from her. Of course not, they're best friends she wouldn't hide anything from her best friend. Yeah, right. Cherry and Phoebe take a good number of selfies then Cherry places her purse on the penguin causing the portrait to switch back to the costumed Thundermans photo. Phoebe presses it again. Cherry presses it again asking why Phoebe did it. After swapping the photo back and forth, Phoebe pulls Cherry away to go get ice cream from the kitchen.

Nora and Billy in Max's Lair

Nora and Billy in Max's Lair

Down in Max's lair, Billy and Nora get bored after Max stops talking to them to concentrate on his experiments. When they ask him what to do, he shows them a box labelled "Not Evil Enough" for them to choose what gadgets they want. They find a gadget called "Nose Hairalyzer" which is used to grow nose hair on anything. They use it on Max's chair and later Billy uses it on his chest to become a real man. Nora is disgusted.

Phoebe and Cherry Calling Cole

Phoebe and Cherry calling Cole

In the kitchen, Cherry asks Phoebe who she's crushing on. Phoebe is reluctant to say at first but Cherry reveals that she already knows Phoebe's crush is Cole Campbell. Cherry pressures Phoebe into asking Cole to hang out later. Billy and Nora arrive at the kitchen fighting over the Nose Hairalyzer. Billy tries to zap Nora with it but Nora quickly blocks it with a couch cushion. That's it! Declares Phoebe before lifting the kids in the air with her telekinesis. Cherry watches in shock. Phoebe realizes what she just did. Max quickly enters the room. Shocked.

Phoebe freezes Cherry

Phoebe freezes Cherry

Cherry realizes that Phoebe has superpowers. Max asks Phoebe why she never told him she had powers. Phoebe tells Cherry there's a perfectly good explanation. But then she panics and freezes Cherry. The Thunder kids are surprised. Max smiles because Phoebe has done something bad for once. However, he realizes that it isn't funny anymore when Phoebe reminds him that he is the one who texted Cherry in the first place. So, they will both get in trouble. 

The Thunder Twins promise Billy and Nora that they would work together to find a solution. But Max and Phoebe working together? Billy and Nora plan to start packing because the twins are going to fail and then they will be busted and the Thundermans would have to leave Hiddenville.

Max and Phoebe

Phoebe suggests coming up with some explanation to fool Cherry but Max suggests wiping Cherry's brain using his BrainMelt-3000. Phoebe doesn't like the idea of wiping her friend's brain. Max argues that Cherry can't possibly have much brain to wipe, if she is friends with Phoebe and is named after a fruit. Phoebe's idea wins. She unfreezes Cherry and demonstrates to her that they were just rehearsing for a play. Billy and Nora are tied to ropes and Phoebe is holding a remote which she is using to control the ropes making it look as if the kids are floating. Cherry accepts the explanation. But then it's time for brownies. Billy forgets and superspeeds to the kitchen to grab the tray of brownies. Nora uses her laser eyes to cut the brownies into cubes. Cherry realizes that all the Thundermans have superpowers. She takes her phone ready to post about it. Max freezes her this time. Max and Phoebe panic because none of them wants their powers exposed. Phoebe doesn't want to leave Hiddenville and lose her best friend and Max doesn't want to leave his evil lair behind.

Parents see Frozen Cherry
The Thunder Monitor announces that the parents are approaching. Phoebe thanks Max for adding a parent warning alert on the monitor. The kids freak out. Max rushes the frozen Cherry into the closet so that the parents won't see her. When the parents arrive, Billy and Nora try to distract them while Phoebe and Max carry Cherry all over the place trying to hide her from the parents. Unfortunately, the parents notice that the twins are carrying something. Barb recognizes it's Phoebe's frozen friend, Cherry. The parents ask the kids to start packing since they can't risk being exposed.
Thundermans Performing for Cherry
Max stands up for Phoebe in front of their parents. He tells them that it was his fault for inviting Cherry to hangout with Phoebe so that he could have Billy and Nora in the basement. He tells them that they moved to Hiddenville to have normal lives and Phoebe deserves that and should not be punished for something that he did. Phoebe is touched by Max's speech. She suggests that the whole family pretend to be part of the musical, perform in front of Cherry and convince her that it was all a play. Cherry buys it! The Thundermans are relieved.
Phoebe and Max

Phoebe and Max - Sweet Moment

Phoebe and Max have a heart-to-heart talk where Phoebe thanks Max for standing up for her. Max tells her that he has a reputation to uphold, so they should keep the "nice" thing on the down-low. Phoebe says she will never forget that Max did a nice thing to her. Max wants to erase her brain with the BrainMelt-3000 but Phoebe threatens him.

Hank flies through the ceiling to get macademia nuts from Hawaii. Phoebe and Max look through the hole he left. They both admit that they have a weird family. Then Phoebe notices that it says "NORA RULES" on the moon!


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Gibson Bobby Sjobeck as Birthday Boy


  • The Nose Hairalyzer is later used in the season 3 episode I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka when Max upgrades it to give him evil beard.
  • The BrainMelt-3000 becomes the central plotline in Parents Just Don't Thunderstand.
  • Cherry later discovers the Thundermans secret in A Hero Is Born.
  • Nora falls on Billy again in Ditch Day where Billy says "Not again!" referring to this episode.
  • The "No non-supes in the house" rule is finally lifted in Dinner Party after the kids prove that they can keep their secret in front of guests.
  • Phoebe's crush, Cole Campbell is finally seen in Dinner Party.
  • Nora's "laser tag" became a recurring game between Billy and Nora in future episodes.
  • Max's gadgets like the Nose Hairalyzer and the BrainMelt-3000 become one of Max's best skills through out the series and in Max to the Future, he convinces Phoebe to submit his gadgets skills to the Z-Force as one of the team's special skills.


  • This is the first episode of the series.
  • This episode scored 2.4 million views.
  • This episode was promoted as a preview for the whole series.
  • Aired at a special time at 7:30PM after a new Spongebob Squarepants special episode.
  • The Nose Hairalyzer later appeared in the season 3 episode, I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka.
  • A clip from this episode - where Hank breaks a brick at the birthday party - is shown in an episode of 100 Things to Do Before High School.


I don't smile. I smirk.

— Max

Nora: Dance, dance I say!
Billy: Ow! Cut it out!
Nora: Ha, ha, ha!"

— Nora and Billy, laser tag

Billy: You guys are going to work together?
Billy & Nora: Let's get packing!

— Billy and Nora

You are not wiping out my best friend's brain!

— Phoebe

Rated F for funky, (dances) ooh ooh ooh

— Cherry

You should love you're siblings, (bumps into Max) except him he's evil.

— Phoebe

How am I supposed to be the world's greatest supervillian, when I have to babysit Zippy and Lasergirl?

— Max

Wow mom, you still got it.

— Phoebe to Barb

Phoebe: We have a weird family.
Max: Yeah, we do.
Phoebe: Why does it say "'Nora Rules"' on the moon?
Max: Nooorrrraaaaa!

— Phoebe and Max

Nora: Can Max and Phoebe babysit us every night?
Barb, Phoebe & Hank: NO!

— After an adventurous Babysitting

Pop Culture

  • "You're the best babysitter ever!", a quote from Nora, might come from the Sam and Cat episode, "#BabysitterWar."
  • The episode title, "Adventures in Supersitting," is probably a parody of "Adventures in Babysitting," a 1987 comedy film.
  • The family name, "Thunderman," might be a reference to Superman, a superhero in a DC comic book series.


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