The Achilles Comet is a dangerous comet that sometimes passes the Earth. During the time it is passing the Earth, it messes up the Earth's magnetic field, and that causes the Thundermans' super powers to go wonky. The Achilles Comet was first and only shown in Going Wonkers.

In this state, they go out of control and cause them to occur unintentionally. Staying calm is the only way to keep there powers in check.

Effects on Superpowers

  • Billy superspeed auto runs
  • Nora automatically shoots lasers and laser lines
  • Max and Phoebe automatically freeze stuff burn stuff and move stuff
  • Barb shoots lightning everywhere
  • Hank destroys stuff in one touch and automatically flies up high

Phoebe and Max are able to overcome its affects and stay in control, if they stay within three feet of each other, due to them being twins.


  • According to Barb, the comet last came when Phoebe and Max were infants, implying it to be around 13-14 years ago.
  • This has only appeared in one episode.
  • There are also after effects a minute after it passes
  • When there is only one hour till it passes the earth the wonkiness gets progressively worse.
  • Achilles Comet is the first thing that messes with the Thundermans power. The second thing is the Flamingo Flu.